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Can't remember ever being more excited to share a Google product with the world. Has completely changed how I use email.
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@kennethn ...so better than Wave? I remember how excited I was when Wave came out :-)
@UXAndrew Wave had so much potential
@AnujAdhiya @UXAndrew Agreed! I was surprised when it didn't find its way into G+. It could have been a great differentiator vs. Facebook. Every wall post could turn into a live group chat.
@kennethn And now it's dead :'(
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From what I've initially gathered, Google is centralizing the many inboxes we all have (email, to-dos, flight reservations, receipts, etc.). Here's a lovely GIF: Seems like something that should be a part of Google Now/Android notification tray.
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@rrhoover Invite on its way, bud.
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@rrhoover This seems to work like @paulg wants email to work: http://www.paulgraham.com/ambiti...
@niket @rrhoover would love an invite too!
@BrettdeM @niket @rrhoover I'd appreciate an invite as well, my inbox is a zoo!
@ghobs91 @BrettdeM @niket @rrhoover same here, I want to check it out :)
1. Best product I've seen developed by a non-research team at Google in 3 years. 2. It's like Mailbox if Mailbox could do what Mailbox hoped to do. 3. Glad it's finally out for everyone to use.
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@niket From your comment in #2, was this a response to Mailbox? Also curious if anyone from the old Sparrow team worked on Inbox.
@eric3000 Someone asked if this was like Mailbox, and my response is that I think both of these awesome teams are trying to help people communicate better and be more effective. I think in terms of execution Inbox is ahead of Mailbox thanks to integrations with Google's other services. I have a ton of respect for both teams and wish them well as we try to navigate digital communication.
@eric3000 @niket had the same thought RE: Sparrow team.
@eric3000 Inbox was under development long before Mailbox sold to Dropbox.
@niket Thanks for your insights.
So...who has invites?
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@eric3000 +1 the invite thirst is real
@tonysheng @eric3000 Absolutely real...even *I* want one and I'm not a bandwagon jumper on stuff like this usually...
@UXAndrew @tonysheng @eric3000 If anyone is sharing invites, definitely interested too
@eric3000 Who's got the Invitez! inbox@google.com is bouncing:)
@eric3000 I'll throw my name in the invite hat!