Zero Email App

Think of it as a private Google PageRank for your inbox

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1 Review5.0/5
Thanks for hunting us @bramk! Zero is a new type of email app that presents unique and interesting take on sorting emails by relevance and importance. Its original card-style social feed like format allows sorting of incoming emails surprisingly fast and easy. Signal-to-noise ratio in today's communications is a huge problem and Zero is built to help people reduce this overload. Think of it as of your personal Google PageRank for your inbox.
@zerovolkov This definitely could be a useful tool for me. 1.2K unread emails and rising... I look forward to trying out Zero.
If you want to manage your inbox, and it usually takes an effort, this app "takes the biscuit".
Looks like Mailbox and Inbox had a baby! I'll definitely try it out.
@jacobbendicksen Hilarious! Genius​ baby of Mailbox and Inbox:)
Is there an Android version coming soon?
@shaburov Not soon enough but it is definitely coming! We want to complete the product on iOS platform and fix all of the little and big things we need to address before moving on to Android.