Product Hunt Weekly Digest
January 6th, 2019

10 useful productivity apps

We recently asked the Twitter-verse what their favorite productivity hacks are and got some....creative responses:

“Leave the charger at home” - Adrian

Sleep after lunchtime for 30 mins” - Sasha

Mushrooms” - Alex

Many of us spend a lot of time trying to hack, well, time. So might as well be unconventional.

We went down the Product Hunt rabbit hole and rounded up 10 of our favorite products to hack productivity:

Progress Bar OSX shows you the exact percentage of how much the day, month, year and your life has progressed in your OSX menu bar ⏳

All technology is a time machine. Get your life back by treating it so.” - Chris

Taskr is a dead-simple task manager app that's perfect for small lists (and it's free) 📝

“I really love this app for planning all my work related tasks. It makes my daily planning in the morning so easy, since I can just grab my tasks from the backlog and start working. I think it sliced the time for the daily planning at least by 50%.” - Marius

Focuster ditches the to-list model and schedules your top priorities in your calendar 📆

“Focuster connects to your Google Calendar and helps you easily visualize how much free time you have and make the most of it. It flows around your existing events and is always updating so your most important work always stays top of mind.” - Jordan

Rooster is a Chrome extension that gives you insights on your browsing habits via push-notification when you lose focus 🙇‍

“Great app if you want to introspect your time and become more productive” - Kushagra

Social Pomodoro pairs you with an accountability buddy to keep you working for 25 minutes at a time 👫

“I had no idea having an accountability buddy in a pomodoro timer could be so amazing! I got done with tasks that usually talk me 2 hours withing 2 sessions- ie, 50 minutes” - Ayushi

7 Minute Workout is a scientific workout app from The New York Times that helps you get a realllly fast workout in 💪

“I love this workout. It's a great way to squeeze in exercise even on those busy days.” - Robleh

Thought Train is a menu bar app that keeps a list of your thoughts and tasks 🧠

If anyone is like me and has a lot of balls flying in the air most days, it's super useful to when the 'wait, what was I working on again' thought pops up in my brain (like all the time) to do a quick glance at the top menu bar and go 'ah, there it was'” - Hrefna

The Most Dangerous Writing App loses your writing if you stop typing 😳

“Pretty good way to start your day. This is good for 'morning pages', without the pressure of writing something that can be 'saved for later'. “ - Sagar

Gone is like the Snapchat of to-do lists: all tasks will disappear 24 hours after adding them ⏰

“One big problem with to-do list apps is that to-dos tend to pile up. I specifically wanted something ephemeral - just for the day. This solves it perfectly.” - Dominic

Play (for Medium) lets you listen to Medium articles as podcasts to save time on reading articles 🎧

“If you write on Medium ... this should interest you.” - Arnie

What would you add to this list? Share it with us on Twitter and we'll RT the most useful, creative, or ridiculous recommendations. 😉

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