A Chrome extension to help you stay focused and productive

TL;DR: Rooster is a Chrome extension that helps you stay focused and productive while working online by giving you insights on your browsing habits and by notifying via Push-notifications you when you lose your focus.

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Hey PH, TL;DR: Rooster is a Chrome extension that helps you stay focused and productive while working online by giving you insights on your browsing habits and by notifying via Push-notifications you when you lose your focus. ------ Back Story ------ I am the designer of Rooster, but it was never my idea to build it. An ex-colleague and a good friend, Kishan, didn’t had anything to work on at his day job during the period of May 2017, so he started working on a time tracking Chrome extension just to play with D3pie charts and also because he thought that the idea was cool enough. 🙇 Well, he wasn’t wrong and a lot of us (from the office) liked the idea. I, specifically, am a big evangelist of productivity hacks because it enables us to work smarter vs. working harder. So I lend my design expertise and together we decided to build Rooster. 💯 In the past 1 year, parallel to our day jobs, we’ve slowly and steadily designed, developed and tweaked Rooster. Today is the day we’re starting to create a buzz about this product of ours. Feel free to give it a try 🤷‍ Tell 2 people if you like the product. If you don’t like it, tell 2 people about your disliking 🙃 ------ Features ------ * Stay informed with your daily browsing data in a New Tab * Get nudged via in-built Push Notifications when you lose focus and start visiting websites you declare unproductive * Keeping tab of your total online working hours ------ How to use ------ 1. Every time you open a New Tab on Chrome, you’ll see your browsing stats 2. Use the Button "Add Browsing Alert" for website(s) you think are unproductive for you, where you end up spending more time than you want or need. Few ex. are Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, etc. When you cross the daily usage limit of the website(s) you declared unproductive, Rooster nudges you via Push Notifications. Here’s a Demo video: 3. Keep tab of your total online working hours via the Total Time Logged capsule for the day. ------ FAQs ------ Q. Why Push Notifications? A. We believe that blocking websites doesn’t work. Mostly because it’s a habit that we’re fighting against. We cannot change habits in a single day / week / month. It takes time to form a new habit and a lot more to break one. Habits are not changed by stopping / blocking what you’re currently addicted to doing. Instead, what has worked for many, is slowly doing different things on top of what they're already habituated to do. That’s what we want to accomplish with Rooster. And that’s why we are giving the option to nudge yourself via Push Notifications rather than blocking websites altogether. Q. What about my Privacy? A. As mentioned above, we save your data locally and we don't have access to your data at all. So there's no way for us to sell or use your data in any form. And even if we change the product-mechanism in future, we'll notify you first. That's our promise! Q. What if I have some feedback? A. You can reach out to us to our mailing address i.e.
Awesome extension, plenty of time managing apps are "blocked" based and I agree with you that by tapering off is the right way to fix addiction. my 0.02-> because it has to be accessed from a new tab, it clashes with momentum, another chrome extension. Thus put me at the fork of do I uninstall this new app or momentum (which I have used for a while), luckily one could access momentum by clicking on the app icon so Rooster gets to stay longer. And since essentially keep tracks of data and I only really need to see it when I'm reflection time spent today or adding/changing alerts, doesn't quite make sense to me to only be accessible via "new tab" as it is prime real estate and also key navigation for chrome.
@jack_an Agreed there Jack. We've got similar feedback from few others. Thing is that it might help people who are desperate need to keep their daily browsing in check to some good extent. Also, people who have installed other apps to have taken over their New Tab, hardly want to get rid of them, even when they aren't using them that often. Feature requests, IMO, needs to be always assessed on real need vs. want plane.
@sankalpdomore I was slightly shocked with the New Tab take over and also not being able to configure but sounds like you guys are on to it!! Love the app so far and look forward to it's future.
Great job!! 😊
This is great. It is true sometimes I get stuck in the wormhole of never leaving a site. I might have to use this on ProductHunt unfortunately.
@safaiyeh 😅There's actually a demo at the end of gallery on ProductHunt itself
Upvoted. Make Safari extension please.
@mightyalex 🙏Honestly, we need to see what value we provide before making it cross-browser compatible