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#1 Product of the DayApril 22, 2018

Progress Bar OSX shows you exactly how much % of the year, month and day has progressed in your OSX menu bar. Inspired by Year Progress tweets

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Nice idea, so I bought the app.

I just wish it would be a signed app - as it is now, it’s from an "Unidentified Developer", and I need to go through System Preferences to install it; makes me very uncomfortable to install untrusted code that has full access to everything I do on my machine.

I don't mind 5$, but access to my machine is too high a price for the value.


Nice little gimmick


Installs as untrusted code that has full access to your machine

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Hi PH, Did you know it's 2018 and it's already 35% over? 💬 The Story I am a big fan of year_progress tweet but I want to see not only year I want to see month and day progress as well in minimal OS X menu bar with a cool progress bar. 🎁Features: - Show/hide progress bar - Change the time when your day starts and ends - Add your custom deadlines. Write a name with emoji and set a start date and end date - Launch on startup - Dark Mode Support - Change formats of displayed text 🎬 Here is a video demo
This app is a part of my Hard Core Year - I 😱 quit my job and I have 1 year to get to 📈 profit as Indie Maker. You can read my story here: 👉 UPD: Available in the AppStore:
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@andreyazimov Awesome idea! Love how you can switch between Day/Month/Year. One thing is I feel like after a while I'd get used to seeing it and stop focusing on it, so why not make it display a random emoji next to it everyday to keep it noticeable?
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@andreyazimov @booligoosh emoji ftw I wonder how would they appear in the bar though. 🤔
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@andreyazimov @ksaitor If it's a Mac, I don't see why they wouldn't just work as plain text!
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@andreyazimov it's amazing to follow your progression. A year ago you couldn't code, now you've made Sheet2Site and a damn OSX app. Proud of you 🌶🌶🌶
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@andreyazimov I love this idea! (from a girl's perspective) this emoji idea would definitely make me look at the %/bar more often 🙋🏽
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I made a similar product earlier this month. Which is a chrome extension, check it out
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@mubaris Saw this, it's awesome =) Now greets me every time I open Chrome haha And the nice gradients are a bonus
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@booligoosh So glad that you loved it 😻
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> 5$ for a 30 minute project typical producthunt hits
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I like the idea, but I hate to see such a pressure on my macbook everyday! Time is flying fast damn it!
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@celiknimani Absolutely. A tool like this causes mental stress which is proven to have many adverse effects on your health.
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@josef_moser Do you know you can turn it off anytime right? :D
@juliyg12 if you turn it off regularly, why do you buy it in the first place 🤔
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