Thought Train

Stop using sticky notes to remember what you're doing 📒 🚫

Thought Train is an app that keeps your notes neatly tucked into your menubar, right where you can see them

✅ 10,000+ users

✅ Keep a list of quick notes

✅ Highlight more than one thought, and they'll scroll like a carousel

✅ Stop tabbing around

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This is such a cool idea. Would love to hear the back story about how you came up with it :)
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@johnonolan Hey John, I literally got so tired of forgetting what I was doing 'between' things. Between email, Slack and Skype, and all the other distractions; I kept having a moment of "hmmm what was I doing again?", and so after a quick failed Google I decided to build something that was always visible, but unobtrusive... That's how Thought Train came about, to keep my 'train of thought'. (I'm a massive fan of Ghost btw)
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Super unique, @marcperel. I've definitely made the mistake of CMD+TAB'ing between too many things at once. Separately, this Mac menubar app is similarly minimalistic.
@rrhoover When I saw Mac menubar, I thought "damn I should really put Thought Train up now!" I like their minimalism, I'm looking already at un-designing Thought Train to take up less room.

I bought this app (It's pay what you want model) because I was looking for an alternative to Stickies. Good work!


Simple and works well.


None so far.

Great job!! 😊 Any Windows 10 version ?
@ayush_chandra I'm looking for a Windows 10 developer to help me create one :)
@marcperel will help you out with some leads , do connect me on linkedln
@s_omeal had started working on the similar app for linux & windows I guess.