Taskr is a simple task manager for macOS

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Hey Product Hunt! Last year I launched Secret. This year I want to start launching `taskr`, my first macOS app. taskr is yet another to-do app. I've always wanted to build a free and simple to-do app for macOS that helps me be more productive as a solo-dev-entrepreneur. I tried a lot of other apps and I always ended up uninstalling it or not logging in again after a couple of days. A couple features worth mentioning - offline mode - only 3 steps (backlog / today / done) - export/import tasks - projects - tags (soon) - cloud-sync (soon) - team support (soon) Will I support Windows/Linux? I don't have any plans to launch `taskr` for Windows/Linux, I tried once but had many errors. If this is something people really want, I can give it another try. How much does it cost? Free Why another to-do app? I build `taskr` for myself and I think it would be cool to share with others. It's also Open Source.
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@bukinoshita wow I love the UI! I am glad to see it’s open source and can’t wait to try it out!
Thanks @3raxton! Let me know how that goes!
@bukinoshita Are you planning an iOS version?
@connectone Yes, soon!

I really like the Today / Backlog flow, and the top horizontal navigation. Like how easy it is to create "Projects". In general, I just really like this app! I've been waiting for something like this to come along. Some initial thoughts:

- Add New Task: Tasks are always added to the "backlog", however I expected that since there was an "Add New Task" button on the Today tab, it would be added there instead. I think whichever tab you add the task on, that is where it should be created.

- Help Text: When creating a new task, the help text in each field is cool at first, but I think maybe after the first use or two it shouldn't show up again. It's also formatted like the normal text, so it feels like I need to select it and delete it before I can type.

- View / Edit: Doesn't seem like there's significant differences between these options. Maybe this could be consolidated to just the "Edit" page, but the label could be "View". This would indicate that you can view the full task, and then when your on the task page, you could just change it. Alternatively, maybe you could just expand the row when it is clicked. I'd assume most people wouldn't add a lot of text to their tasks, since this is a simple task manager feeling app. Then, instead of a "view" option, it would just be "edit".

- Move to Backlog: It would be nice to have a "Backlog" option when you roll over tasks on the Today tab, just like there is a "Today" option on tasks on the Backlog tab.

- Menu: Would be real nice to have this in the mac's menu bar. I keep accidentally closing the program :/

Thank you for sharing this!



Simple, easy and delightful to use. Dark color scheme. Today / Backlog workflow.


No menu bar

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Agree on the Add New Task defaulting to today! Also, it'd be awesome if you incorporated some of the functionality of gone-app.com i.e. moving a task to the backlog if it's been on "today" for 24 hours.
Awesome feedback! I'll probably add everything you commented, it will make so much easier to use the app. About the Add New Task, I like adding everything to the Backlog and whe I start planning I move to the Today's tab. But since a lot of people are asking for this I had the idea to create a global user config so user can choose which they prefer. Thanks a lot for the comment! Really helpful!
+1 for the menu bar widget
Hey, @bukinoshita! Congratulations on the launch! Every morning I have a routine of daily planning and this simple application fits perfectly into this use case. Although, I have a couple of suggestions: 1. I'd make the main window not resizable. Because the interface looks perfect with standard window size. And when the user resizes the window – interface just stays in the centre with same sizes. 2. I'd add an ability to enter emojis as a task name or description 3. I'd highlight somehow closed tasks in "Done" section. But, it's great that you've decided to make it open source, so anyone can fork or contribute. Also, I'd like to point this out: it's really cool that you've made this macOS application with some iOS design principles in mind. I bet more and more macOS apps will follow such trend 🙂
@geek_1001 Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad that I can make you routine of daily planning a little bit easier :) 1. It wasn't resizable, I had to make it resizable because when the user maximize the app and the unmazimized the button at the bottom disappears for some reason. And the way that I found to fix this is making resizable. But I agree with you on that, I don't like the ability to resize the app. 2. Surely! This is a great feature. Will create an `issue` on Github to implement it. 3. Yup! Was thinking the same.

I love that this is a no-bloat task app. Perfect for small lists and no need to make it bloated to support huge task lists. Definitely keep it simple. The main missing feature for me is drag and drop. Even with just 1-5 tasks, it's nice to be able to move them around, especially on the Today view.


Simple, concise, and quick to use.


Minor features missing

Loved the simplicity. I hope it will sync with Reminders in order to be accessed on iOS. Real dearth of a task manager app that is just a little more advanced than default Reminders but one that is not too expensive when you think cross-platform. Great if Taskr fills this gap.
@ganeshkulkarni Thanks for the feedback! Taskr is free. I will release cloud-syncing soon and hopefully I can make it work with Reminders