7 Minute Workout is is exactly what the name implies, offering 12 exercises you can do entirely at home.

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This reminds me, we should create a collection of fitness products to make this the new year's resolutions a bit more attainable. Who's up for it? :)
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@rrhoover 2015 resolutions product list is ingenious.
@rrhoover in case you need suggestions.... ;) http://venturebeat.com/2014/11/2...
Or you can do a 3 day series. New Years Resolution #1- Quit Smoking (list all the best apps, websites, audio books), New Years Resolution #2- Work Out (list best fitness apps), New Years Resolution #3- Cook More At Home (list cooking apps, etc)
@rrhoover Love it. Thinking fitness, weight loss, goal setting apps, etc all crammed into one? Or one for each vertical?
@rrhoover great idea. Let me know if I can help.
This is great, but honestly when it comes to all these fitness type apps, people just need to stop eating like shit.
@misteryu1029 so a location-aware app where sirens go off (or oinking) any time you're inside a fast food restaurant? :)
I love this workout. It's a great way to squeeze in exercise even on those busy days.
@robjama clever sneaking Tiny Hearts in there :)
Would love to see this incorporate other bodyweight workouts (Convict Conditioning, Way of the Warrior, etc.).
@caseyrosengren Or just the ability to customize (or even randomize) what body weight movements you do instead of the same goddamned 7 minute routine over and over
@will_lam check out Sworkit for a bit more variety. http://www.producthunt.com/posts...
I did 3 sets of this yesterday- sore today. It's a real workout.