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Deandre Durr☀️ — Growth Hacker
I love this. I can create a Medium Podcast of my favorite articles.

Now If I can just increase the speed...

Then it should be nominated for the Golden Kitty Award
Hammad — PLAY
@dredurr yes speed and accents is something we thought about too! We shall definitely add them! Thanks for the feedback!
Shina Charles Memud — Designer
@dredurr honestly I can't believe this doesn't exist already, I was brainstorming on this about 2 weeks ago.

@ma7moudfelfel .... random idea: is it possible to have it shown on the main screen (homepage) with Play Next option?
Mahmoud Felfel — Frontend Engineer
@charlesmudy Even us didn't believe that no one has made it before :)
And regarding your homepage idea, yes it is possible, we've been thinking of a feature like this actually, that will turn your homepage into a playlist.
@ma7moudfelfel @charlesmudy well, to be fair, there are already some "read it aloud" extensions in the Chrome Extensions store, but they're all terrible, esp. in comparison to this. :)
Josh — VP Eng @ThreadMeUp, Founder @NarroApp
@dredurr This exists already (exactly!) in @NarroApp
NiMA — Founder/MD, Caspian
@charlesmudy @dredurr @ma7moudfelfel the closest thing is SpeakIt! and before it was shut down evernote had a similar feature to read simplified articles.
Click, hold shift, click, right click, SpeakIt! not that user friendly :|
Ballico Stretch — Comet researcher
@hammadh4 @dredurr Variable speeds request. 2x is just the start of retention...
Arnie McKinnis — ProdMktg Professional,
If you write on @Medium ... this should interest you.
Hammad — PLAY
@amckinnis thanks for sharing PLAY! We couldn't have done it with you!!
Arnie McKinnis — ProdMktg Professional,
@hammadh4 ... More than welcome! It's a great Plug-in - and you guys did all the hard work ;)
Arnie McKinnis — ProdMktg Professional,
@hammadh4 I also see you finally got the credit for being the MAKER!! Time get update your description, answer questions and keep the ball rolling!
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