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June 30th, 2022

8 new apps to boost your Slack experience

The Microsoft Teams notification sound has become somewhat of a meme for being an anxiety-inducing noise that Gen Z-ers love to complain about. If social media frevor is any indication, tech companies tend to prefer Slack over Teams. One reason could be the plethora of add-ons that makers are building for it.

If the clackety-clack of Slack doesn’t induce horror and terror for you, here are 8 products that make Slack less scary and more fun.

Thanks app for Slack helps you build a culture of recognition in your team by encouraging you to give kudos to your peers and celebrate wins, big or small.

FlyWheel is a Slack bot that provides community managers with intelligent analytics about members and automates everyday tasks. It also allows responding to queries straight from the dashboard.

MicroAcquire App For Slack integrates with MicroAcquire and lets you receive instant alerts when new startups go live for sale.

Scott Bot by Threado auto-generates conversation prompts to help you encourage participation and drive engagement in your community. You can customize any of the 200+ curated prompts and schedule at any cadence.

SpotMyStatus syncs your Spotify music or podcasts to your Slack status.

Org Chart ⚡ by Roots is a free Slack plugin that helps growing teams stay on top of company changes and search for members by skill or department.

Dispatch is like Superhuman for Slack. The app lets you reply, react, @-mention, compose new messages, mark a conversation Done when you’re finished with it, mute conversations you no longer need to follow, snooze them, and use keyboard shortcuts.

Rootly is a Slack app used by the likes of Canva, Grammarly, and Bolt. It automates manual admin work like creating incident channels, Jira tickets, Zoom rooms, and generating postmortem timelines so you can manage incidents easier.
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  • The makers of Tailwind CSS launched Tailwind UI Templates, a collection of easy to customize site templates built with React and Next.js.

  • Digital nomads – Maïka helps you find the best coffee shops to work from near you.

  • CoinLedger helps file your crypto taxes, whether you’re trading on exchanges like Coinbase, buying NFTs on Ethereum, or taking out loans on DeFi protocols.

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