Product Hunt Daily Digest
July 3rd, 2018

Build an app, no code required 🤓
Best NoCode Tools 🛠️
Everyone has a startup idea but not everyone can build it. Learning to code takes time and even if you’re a programmer, coding sometimes isn’t the most efficient way to get started.
Fun fact: Product Hunt started as an email newsletter, built in 20 minutes with no code. Here's a list of tools build your next idea, no code required:

Marvel for Keynote helps you turn your slides into interactive prototypes. Perfect for getting some design feedback, or showing off to customers.

🖥️ Mason is the world's first frontend-as-a-service platform. Mason lets you build everything about your front-end with an easy drag-and-drop interface, and seamlessly connect it to your backend.

📝 Carrd is a powerful single-page website generator, built by loved community member AJ.

🤖 Lobe allows you to build machine learning models with a visual interface. Teach your model to understand handwriting, emotions, music, and more.

📊 Sheetbase lets you build a website or app, powered by Google Sheets. Business model on one sheet, website on the other. You could build the next big thing with nothing more than a Chromebook.

What's your favorite no-code tool? Let us know. 🤗
Avatoon just launched so you can turn your avatar into a cartoon that never ages. 😁
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