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#5 Product of the WeekJuly 03, 2018

GraphCMS is the 100% GraphQL content management system with both read and write support. Powerful content APIs are only a “drag and drop” away. Fully controllable via mutations if code is more your thing!

  • Pros: 

    Great documentation. Great support. Great UI.


    Lack of value add integrations (ie search, auth, analytics, apis) in core product.

    Love GraphCMS for content heavy apps with complex relationships...makes building an API with rich content a real joy that takes so little time people will say wow.

    Joel Serino has used this product for one month.
  • George Romas
    George RomasFull stack developer

    API first CMS. Support for free tier users in the chat.



    First project - create model - first, second, third... - Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 () and infinity progress bar on the page. Very nice. At the same time status page of the app says "Up and running"!

    George Romas has used this product for one day.
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Michael Lukaszczyk
Michael LukaszczykMaker@m_lukaszczyk · Co-Founder at GraphCMS
Hello Product Hunt! And thanks a lot for the hunt @notrab! About a year ago, our product journey started here on Product Hunt. And ever since, we've seen massive traction for GraphQL and headless content management. We were able to gain our first happy customers quickly and have since been able to build an active community of thousands of developers all over the world! About six months ago, we decided to start rebuilding our product from scratch to quickly incorporate the learnings we had from the first version. With the new product, there are improved, generated GraphQL APIs, a new and blazing fast content management interface, staging support for multiple environments with automatic merging and much more. More importantly we’ve reduced technical debt and created a solid foundation to deliver twice as many new features in the coming months! Today, we are happy to announce that we left beta - the new GraphCMS is finally here! Also, we are excited to announce that we closed a $1M seed round with Berlin based VC Paua Ventures. Read the full announcement here: Product hunters, we have a special deal for you! Use the coupon code 'producthunt' to get a 50% discount for three months. The coupon code can be redeemed when switching to a paid plan in the web app (this offer is valid for two weeks). Thanks again! Michael Lukaszczyk Co-Founder of GraphCMS
Adileo Barone
Adileo Barone@adileobarone
@m_lukaszczyk Hi Michael, wonderful project. I’ve read some months ago your article about open sourcing GraphCMS. Is still on your roadmap?
Michael Lukaszczyk
Michael LukaszczykMaker@m_lukaszczyk · Co-Founder at GraphCMS
Thanks a lot @adileobarone! So our initial plan was and still is, to open source the content management interface as soon as it matures a little after our launch, so stay tuned!
Jamie Barton
Jamie BartonHunter@notrab · Husband, Dad & Developer 🙌
I've been following GraphCMS since it launched and today marks an incredible milestone. I had the great pleasure meeting some of the GraphCMS team in Berlin @ GraphQL Europe and they are a wonderful, talented bunch of developers that deserve #1 spot on PH today 😍
Michael Lukaszczyk
Michael LukaszczykMaker@m_lukaszczyk · Co-Founder at GraphCMS
Thanks a lot Jamie 🙏
Frederik Fleck
Frederik Fleck@frederik_fleck
@m_lukaszczyk and the rest of the GraphCMS team congratulations to new GraphCMS! I a happy to be able to support you as a Business Angel.
Federico Wengi
Federico Wengi@federicowengi · Tech VC Partner
I have been following the team of Graph CMS for the last 8 months. What a journey, happy to be part of it. I can only recommend Michael and all the guys in Giessen. Great team!
The Spirit Molecule
The Spirit Molecule@darkpsy · Full Stack Developer, UI Candy
Wow this looks supremely cool, something like but a GraphQL version which will definitely give me more of a push to delve deeper into GraphQL and the react eco system in general! :)
Michael Lukaszczyk
Michael LukaszczykMaker@m_lukaszczyk · Co-Founder at GraphCMS
Thanks @darkpsy, GraphCMS is definitely a great start to learn GraphQL!