Codementor 2.0

Find developers for live programming help & freelance jobs

Codementor is an online marketplace that finds you a developer for live programming help & freelance jobs. Connect with 10,000+ developers in real time.

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In 2014, we built a platform to help developers help each other. Codementor is an online marketplace that finds you a developer for live programming help & freelance jobs on-demand. In the past four years, we have grown to become a lively community of 300,000+ developers who connect through mentorship, community content, and freelancing opportunities. Today, we’re very excited to launch Codementor 2.0! We spent the last couple of months talking to users and designing new features, to come back with a whole new design that that improves the experience for both mentors and clients. What’s new in Codementor 2.0? - Mentor onboarding: We want to provide a fun experience to help new mentors prepare themselves. (P.S. We added several fun elements, bonus points if you get the reference! ;) ) - User onboarding: We’ve optimized the user onboarding process to make the experience as efficient and seamless as possible. - Mentor search tool: You’ll be able to find, compare, and evaluate developers more quickly. - Mentor application form: Applicants are able to showcase their skills and experience more accurately (with an easier process, as well!), so our team will be able to assess all mentor applications more accurately. To celebrate the launch, we’re giving Product Hunters an exclusive $15 voucher! Which means, combined with our already existing “first 15 minutes free” new user perk, you’ll be able to have up to a 30 minute free mentoring session (depending on the mentor’s rate). To claim your perk, just go here [] and sign up for an account. Don’t forget to check your inbox afterwards ;) Would love to hear any thoughts or feedback!
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@weitingliu Even after repeated attempts I am not able to register as a developer. Would request you to kindly look into this personally
@aditya_jain1 can you kindly email our support team? We'll look into this. Thanks!

Codementor has gotten me through so many difficult challenges. I still think I have my first job as a software developer in significant part because I could still show progress with Codementor's help. I appreciate the code samples afterwards I can reference, and seeing the solutions unfold in real time collaboratively.


Excellent developers and platform for learning how to solve tough problems


There is an investment, but if used infrequently enough can still be profitable each month

These guys rock!

I started using CodeMentor thinking it would be something similar to PeoplePerHour or Upwork, but this actually works! It's quick from signup to first project, weekly payouts, and a good platform for direct communication and mentoring. I think I got my first student within 24 hours after starting to use the site and my first payment in a couple of days later.

There's some minor technical annoyances, and you need to manually make sure your students accept you starting a session (or you're mentoring for free) but other than that, I mostly have good things to say about Codementor.


As a mentor, I get lots of possible tasks that are easy to accept and perform


Some smaller technical issues

I've been mentoring people on Codementor for more than a year now! Really enjoy the platform - helping, supporting and mentoring new devs is really fulfilling. Codementor was a game-changer for me - it allowed me to focus on things I enjoy while also sharing knowledge and being able to make a good revenue out of it.