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#1 Product of the DayMay 27, 2018

Sheetbase is a collection of tools that helps developing websites/apps fast, easy and free. By using modern technology at the front-end (top JS frameworks) and using free Google services for back-end logics (database, mailing, file, ...). Sheetbase is suitable for the most of small to medium projects.

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    So fast


    Don't like the refreshing new tabs

    I need more time for testing. Thanks, bro, for app!

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    Requires one to be a developer

    Looks cool

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Lam Nhan
Lam NhanMaker@lamnhan · Full Stack Developer
Hello, This is my very first product on PH. Hope you all enjoy! Sheetbase is a collection of tools that helps developing websites and hybrid apps fast, easy and free. You don't need to purchase and set up a complicated hosting/VPS/server to run a beautiful websites (a static web hosting is enough, Github pages does the trick), just got a domain name and you good to go. You may already familiar with Wordpress or Jekyll, imagine that they have a baby, that is what Sheetbase comes between. Sheetbase contains some tools: 1. Sheetbase: website/app skeletons or ready to use themes using top JS technologies. We currently supports Angular/Ionic framework. You are free to contribute in any frameworks you prefer. 2. Sheetbase Backend: free, serverless back-end for websites and apps. Using Google Apps Script Web App to deploy the back-end, the router system is inspired by ExpressJS, so feeling home, right! :D 3. Sheetbase Add-on: a Google Spreadsheet add-on, some tools help working with spreadsheet as SQL database. 4. Sheetbase CLI: a command line interface tool to support working with Sheetbase projects: create, config, help, .... Sheetbase is currently infant. There is a lot development ahead, bug fixes, features added, ... we think of many exciting things for future releases. But you may try it now, you may love it! We develop Sheetbase without any funding, so donation and buying license is absolutely appreciated. Pricing: Patreon: Thank you very much! <3
Sergej Lotz
Sergej Lotz@serglotz · UX Designer
@lamnhan Reminds me of by @andreyazimov Have you seen this tool before, was it your inspiration?
Lam Nhan
Lam NhanMaker@lamnhan · Full Stack Developer
@andreyazimov @serglotz Hello mate, I have seen Sheet2Site before, it's great :). But, Sheetbase focus on developers who wants totally control over the project. You can build almost every type of websites and apps with Sheetbase, or just want to setup a back-end without purchasing a server. I started this from making a Spreadsheet add-on which is allowed me to edit JSON right from the Google Spreadsheet UI. Then, I realize that we can harvest the power of free Google G Suite products for more use cases. That where Sheetbase was born! :D I believe Sheetbase is unique among other products (Sheetsu, Sheet2Site, ...). You may read some more at
Shreyaa Ratra
Shreyaa Ratra@shreyaa_ratra · Making B2B sales easy via
@lamnhan Congratulations for the launch Lam. Just a quick thought if you are planning to do sales : Reach out to companies who are hiring for developers because these are the companies who would be interested in using your product.
Lam Nhan
Lam NhanMaker@lamnhan · Full Stack Developer
@shreyaa_ratra Hello there, thank you for your advice. At first, we would like to contribute something to the community. We have plan to make the product stable, covers essential ground, then if there is luck, we will monetize the product. But we always need supports from the community, so donation or funding is extremely great, it helps us on continue develop what we planned! Again, thanks a lot! <3
Daniel Eitam
Daniel Eitam@dadatalks
Looks great!
Lam Nhan
Lam NhanMaker@lamnhan · Full Stack Developer
@dadatalks Thank you, hope it helps! :)
Dhanraj Acharya
Dhanraj Acharya@dhanraj_acharya · Developer trying to become Maker
Nice idea. you should include one suggestion box also on your website.
Lam Nhan
Lam NhanMaker@lamnhan · Full Stack Developer
@dhanraj_acharya Thanks for your advice. We really need people to lend a hand! :D
Dallas Crilley
Dallas Crilley@dallas_crilley
This looks great! First off - just cuz I got your back - there are some typos on the site (ctrl+f for "Sheetabse") I'm stoked to see more trends towards universal solutions of making the content independent from the code and server. ESPECIALLY using Google Sheets, because it's so simple. As a developer, it can be really easy to default to solutions that may be more complicated than they need to be. Particularly if the main consideration should be what makes the most practical sense for a client. There are just so many things you can do with GSuite, it's insane. I'll look forward to playing around with this.
Lam Nhan
Lam NhanMaker@lamnhan · Full Stack Developer
@dallas_crilley Oops, thank you for pointing, man! Looking forward to see you enjoy it! :D
Ayush Chandra
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great job !! 😊 Is it useful for non tech users ?
Lam Nhan
Lam NhanMaker@lamnhan · Full Stack Developer
@ayush_chandra Thank you, it's currently young now and most likely useful for developers. We looking forward to make it more friendly for everyone! :D