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"The world isn't ready for this kind of progress"
"Segway's track record of building 'so-sexy-you-have-to-fight-off-the-admirers' personal mobility vehicles continues unabated." – Dan K
"The world just isn’t ready for this kind of progress." – Ryan G
We'll be the first to admit that the NEW Segway Drift W1's look a bit dorky. They're a little like motor-powered Heelys, those sneakers with wheels in the heel that exploded in 2008.
It's silly to ignore Segway and their never-ending quest to solve personal mobility and the "last-mile-problem." Segway was acquired by Beijing-based transportation robotics startup Ninebot in 2015, which raised $180M from Sequoia Capital, Xiaomi, Intel, and more.
Fun fact: The Segway-Ninebot amalgam designs and manufactures every scooter used by scooter-sharing startups Bird and Lime. Both startups have exploded in popularity across the US, each raising $350M+ to bring dockless electric scooters to a sidewalk near you. Segway is everywhere.
Everybody is trying to improve short-distance travel. The world's first flying car launched two weeks ago with a review from Casey Neistat, and Elon Musk's Boring Company wants to build tunnels that criss-cross cities to cut down community time. The city of Chicago just signed a $1B contract with the company. 🕳️
If you're intimidated by Segway's latest creation, Paris-based Flaneurz are clip-on rollerskates that attach to any pair of sneakers. Give them a try. 👟🔥
Clip-On Rollerskates

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