Post Inspect helps you find the best times to post to reddit.

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Hi PH community 👋 Post Inspect helps you take the guess work out of figuring out the best times to post to reddit. Each subreddit gets queried for the top 500 posts from the past year and is grouped into a heatmap for easy viewing.
What time zone does it go by?
@wwgene Hi Gene, It's currently local to your timezone, I've had a few people ask me about this so I'll try to add something up to make it clearer/configurable.
@wwgene @grantkiely I was also looking for timezone dropdown/picker. Please add!
@wwgene @serglotz Will do, watch this space!
Use case is awesome but few things which can be improved: 1 - What timezone are you talking about? 2 - Which color signifies what?
@evivz Great feedback thanks Vivek. 1. I'd like to add something that will show/make the timezone configurable. Currently it's local to you, but could be clearer. 2. This could also be made clearer with a simple legend
Congrats on launching! This is a super useful tool for me as I post on Reddit a ton. Love to see more tools around Reddit! It is a massive site (10th in the world) but it is a deep abyss to many people... :)
@thepatwalls Thanks Pat, really appreciate it, and yes Reddit is growing every year so it's worth paying attention to!
Pretty usefull, some feedback: - Indicate the timezone, bonus points if you allow the user to change it. - Explanations about the score, what is the maximum? Seems like it's 11 but is it though? - Increase color differentiation, particularly the 1-4 range so trends can be more easily spotted visually.
@krolsbjorn Thanks Bjorn! - Totally agree, and double totally agree, I'll get on this. - I've had a couple people mention this and I agree it does need to be clearer. - Great point, I originally had it going from a dark red -> yellow -> green. But couldn't get it looking right/setup in time. I'll try to revisit this. I'm glad that you pointed it out. Thanks so much for taking the time to write feedback, really helpful!