Simple, responsive, one-page sites for pretty much anything.

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Carrd lets you build one-page sites for pretty much anything, whether it's a personal profile, a landing page to capture emails, or something more elaborate. It's simple, responsive, and totally free.

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Hey folks! Carrd is a project I've been building off and on since last summer. It's my first "major" solo project since HTML5 UP / Pixelarity, and definitely the most complex thing I've ever attempted to build on my own (more on that another time), so I'm super excited to finally share it with the world (well, the world outside my Twitter following at least :) The concept behind Carrd is pretty straightforward: it's a free service for building and hosting simple, responsive, one-page sites for ... basically whatever, be it a personal "business card" style site or a "coming soon" page with a Mailchimp signup form to capture emails. It's fast, super simple to use, and 100% free, though bonus features (like forms and custom domain support) are available with the (entirely optional) $19/year Pro plan. A few quick examples I whipped up: And a couple using forms if you're into that sort of thing: Now I know there are *tons* of other products in this space already (including some really great ones featured right here on Product Hunt), but having been in its orbit for some time I think that's simply a function of how big the space is (which totally makes sense; everyone's needs are a little different). So, my goal with Carrd was to create a product that really focused on simplicity and ease of use while still being capable of building attractive/functional sites. Based on early feedback I think I've come pretty close to that goal, but as I'm sure there's plenty of room for improvement (as indicated by its "kinda-sorta-beta" state) please let me know what you think :)
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PS: No invite (or even log-in) required. Just click "Choose a Starting Point" and have at it.
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@n33co Amazing! Theres any way I can add video background to my page?
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@n33co Missing a trick.... need to add a Product Hunt button to add to my profile :) Looks really awesome. Set up my site here: One day when I get time I'll make it better πŸ™„
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@n33co absolutely brilliant loved it... we are also trying something like this but it is now where as good :P can we think something together BTW here is mine :)
@aadi193 @n33co keep at it! I'm sure aj would agree :)

Carrd is the most amazing web building platform I've seen to date- and trust me, I've tried everything. You start off with a blank page, or choose from expertly-designed templates, then you can build your own site with content LEGOs: drag text under an image, make a row of links across the top, or even add some of your own code.

When you discover control bars that let you break your site into pages, though, it's when everything changes: Carrd goes from letting you create business-card like pages to making full-blown websites for anything- home base for your app with dedicated support and contact pages, a sign-up form for an event that plugs names and comments into a Google sheet, ANYTHING (how do I make extra bold?)

Carrd is now my go-to tool for anything web-building related. I made a website for a friend and even made a few bucks off it. I'm also teaching an HTML class for my homeschool support group and there will be a whole lesson on Carrd!

I just want to say thanks to @ajlkn for my favorite website for websites, ever.


β€’ Simplest & easiest website builder I've ever used

β€’ Huge range of customization available for every element

β€’ Plans w/ domain only $19/y


β€’ I'd love to see custom font support

β€’ It would be nice to be able to put text over image blocks or behind columns

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PS: No custom font support yet, but text-over-image = now supported!
What is the difference between Carrd and instapages?
I love the fact that you don't even have to register/login to start playing around!
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@markoxvee Glad someone pointed this out! So I actually planned this waaaaaaaaaay early in the process because I *hate* having to sign up just to try something I might not even like. Plus, I figured just turning people loose on the site w/o needing to sign up beats the hell out of making an elaborate demo video to show it off.
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So basically it feels like an advanced alternative to I do love the simplicity, design and overall UX. Everything is precisely clear and simple. I do believe there is still much room for improvement. Great job, keepit up!
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@aramiggs Yep, it's kind of a half-step between that and more hardcore site builders, but I think it's a sweet spot for a lot of folks. Anyhow, let me know if you have any suggestions :)
@aramiggs It definitely reminds me of, but functionally it's probably closest to Tackk
Very cool project AJ. Are e-mail sign-ups and tracking (+some basic analytics) in the works? If you offer a service like that for free I would use this over something like LaunchRock in a heartbeat because of how it beautiful and easy to set-up everything is.
@sunyanlee Email signups = for capturing emails? If so that's in there. Analytics = taken care of if you're okay with using Google Analytics.