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January 26th, 2017

Must read books for startups 📚💫
Startup Books
The Lean Startup may be required reading for every startup founder, employee, and toddler, but there are a lot more excellent startup reads out there. These resources curate the best ones:

📕 Bookicious is the place for book recs from founders & makers
📙 DevFreeBooks is a huge collection of free books for developers
📗 Four Hour Book Club has all books mentioned on Tim Ferriss Show
📒 Bookcelerator is a directory of books that will make you smarter
📘 Highly Reco shows you books that influenced thinkers & movers

For more, follow the Startup Books Topic on Product Hunt. 📚💫
Coloring books aren't just for kids, Adult Coloring Books are what it's all about. So take a load off and relax with color. Just make sure to stay in the lines. 🎨
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