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Thanks @_jacksmith for hunting us! I know many of us here are building e-commerce startups, so I'm sharing this curated e-commerce stack we built. There are a few stacks on PH. This one shows usage among the most popular stores. There are ~20 categories (analytics, email marketing, user engagement, etc.), and for each category, we listed the tools companies found most helpful. If you think a tool is missing, feel free to suggest it. Hope it will be helpful to the community!
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@romain_lapeyre @_jacksmith are you going to add influencer marketing type tools to the stack? I know a few I'd recommend *cough* Intellifluence *cough* Love the list; sharing
Why the decision to just have the logo, name and it link directly to the site? Rather than have a page to explain the product, what it does, similar alternatives etc that other stack sites do?
@bentossell probably less work and easier to get started with :)
@_jacksmith well yeah thats obvious
@bentossell I completely agree with you. There should be a bit more details and some honest review/ feedback, pros/cons etc which would help help the users to take a decision. There are too many stack sites and stack-for-stacks too and there should be a differentiator for me to chose one over the other. Building something simple is easier. Hope the team would come up with more details later! :)
@pravilz @bentossell Our take here is that popularity can be a good way of finding where to look at first. I agree though, having pros & cons on tools would be helpful.
@romain_lapeyre Thanks for the quick response. I understand your point. But if I don't know which tool is good or bad, I may click on any of those. And the number just depends on people clicking on a specific item right? So a new user can't trust that ranking which is solely presented based on the clicks. Correct me if my understanding is incorrect. Btw, what you have currently as well would help people. We know the major apps/ tools to consider under each category. But the point is to decide what to chose, people may need more insight. my 2 cents. @bentossell
Super useful bunch of ressources, both for smb's and freelancers. Cheers for that.
Awesome list @romain_lapeyre! There're some tools I heard of many times, it confirms I should test them :)
Great list @gorgiasio! Bookmarked!