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This is cool. I wonder, are there any books that come up time and time again? It'd be great to have an at a glance stat here, "this book has been recommended 5 times". Then being able to sort the books by number of times its been recommended. Great work though πŸ™Œ
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@fredrivett Thanks Fred! Yeah it'd be super cool to have some more filtering & sorting functionality built in -- I'd love to see that too. Pretty sure "How to win friends and influence people" would be a winner there ;)
@_mark0 @mr_ed Good shout. I've read HTWFAIP but not Seneca, looks like I'll be adding that to my list then! Cheers guys πŸ™Œ
@mr_ed @fredrivett I started figuring this out (with a friend) over the past 2 weeks. Since you are further along, would love to share what I built. Here is the data in an excel sheet (podcast and book recommendations) for anyone who is interested: http://bit.ly/2bJtaQz Here is the python script I was experimenting with to extract data in to a CSV: http://bit.ly/2bCI2Oz Seems like the most recommended books (after cleaning the data for duplicates, etc.) are as follows: Book (Count) Black-Swan-Improbable-Robustness-Fragility (8) Antifragile-Things-That-Disorder-Incerto (7) Stumbling-Happiness-Daniel-Gilbert (7) Atlas-Shrugged-Ayn-Rand (6) Fooled-Randomness-Hidden-Markets-Incerto (6) Lying-Sam-Harris (5) Surely-Feynman-Adventures-Curious-Character (5) The-Psychedelic-Explorers-Guide-Therapeutic (5) Hope this helps you build on your idea. Would love to see filtering options based on genre, ratings, etc. and who has recommended the book (based on podcast guest).
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@faiz_munshi @mr_ed Very cool, thanks for sharing Faiz!
Damn nice list. Must have taken some time to put together. Thanks for sharing
@trevorhatfield thanks Trevor! It was a fun little challenge for a weekend project 😊
@mr_ed I hope you're rewarding yourself by putting some affiliate codes in :) Well-deserved!
Yes! Super useful.
Oh nice work :)! Why did you want to make this?
@bentossell thanks Ben! We really just wanted to see all of these referenced books in one place, rather than buried in show notes. Then we figured it'd make a nice weekend project to package it into a resource everyone can use :)
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It would be great to filter books by person which mentioned it