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BIG fan of FullStory. Great tool for product builders.
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@rrhoover Thanks, Ryan. We're BIG fans of Product Hunt, so the feeling is mutual! :)
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Hello out there! There’s a new way to use FullStory: for free. Over the past few years, we’ve gotten lots of feedback from small teams and startups that love FullStory but just can’t stretch into a paid plan. We get it. Heck, we’ve been there. We started FullStory because we believe everyone—businesses, end users, everyone—benefits from a more perfect online experience. So, the idea that there were teams that really cared about their customer’s experience but couldn’t afford a CX tool that would help felt antithetical to our mission. No longer. Hope you’ll give it a try and spread the good word. We’ll be hanging around and happy to answer any questions. To the future, Scott
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@scott_voigt I'm using the free version for last three days and i'm extremely impressed. Above all - your search is amazing.
@scott_voigt This is the best news ever! Such a useful tool but the price tag made it impossible for our small team to continue using it. Thank you! =D
@scott_voigt I must say its a great tool. Do you have any affiliate program also?
@scott_voigt Massive respect for you guys :) Kudos!
@scott_voigt Super cool. The only thing is that from free to paid there's a huge gap in terms of features, and price.
We have been using the paid version at Bluecore and this it's already a game changer. Will be adding to some smaller projects. Awesome!
@ggnall Awesome! We're so happy that you like it.
Favorite session-recording app for quite some time. Really solid product. Great to finally use it on small projects!
@futhey Thanks, James! We're excited for you to get to use it!
I haven't used Fullstory yet, but the "rage click" feature in the video is amazing, and has successfully convinced me to try it out. Well done!
@ianstormtaylor Glad you like it! We're definitely fans of the "rage click" (though not actual user rage clicks...those are bad.) :)