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That's a great collection, Caio. Kudos! https://hackr.io is another great resource for programmers to find the best online programming tutorials submitted and voted by the programming community.
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@hooda Thank you very much.
@hooda looks like a great starting point, a few seem outdated or incomplete but fantastic idea!
@captdaylight it's a community site so even you can fix that stuff:) Else please let me know, I can fix that.
@crp_underground tell us the story behind why you made this ?
@bentossell there is no great story behind this, I just wanna map all free resources for developers (books, screencasts in DevFreeCasts and newsletters in DevNewsletters) in a simple website, I hope you enjoy it! and feel free to add some free books you find too.
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@crp_underground How do you deal with out dated books?
@mirmayne this is a old project mine, I'm reviving it today, and that's why there are some outdated books, which I'm removing ones too.
Awesome, will use this for my projects in the future. :)
@giacomolaw cool! and Take a look my two other projects DevFreeCasts (https://devfreecasts.github.io) and DevNewsletters (https://devnewsletters.github.io)
Very cool, similar idea to groundera.com (which is for Entrepreneurs that was on PH the other day)
@braunshizzle cool, I will take look soon
That's really a great initiative, thanks a lot ! πŸ‘Œ