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Why only men?
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@rollowenlock Hi there Rollo! It's true, Bookicious need women collections too. I am adding them really soon. Thanks for the feedback!
@rollowenlock Just added a collection of Marissa Mayer. Feel free to suggest another female founders or entrepreneurs and I will add them too!
@nzieber @rollowenlock Done! Just added Danielle Morrill!
@maurosicard @rollowenlock now that is taking on board user feedback and implementing fast ;) implemented in <1 hour from suggestion
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Not cool @MauroSicard :( it's just a bad copy of my product "Bookstck" hunted a month ago.
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@clemkn that seems very rude to me to describe this project as a "bad" copy; in fact this site seems like a nice design and minimalistic. You should also appreciate that your site doesn't seem to be being updated - you still only have 6 authors even a month later. The fact is that collecting books of famous entrepreneurs is not an original concept; rather than trying to claim that someone shouldn't compete with you and describing their work as "bad", I'd suggest contributing more effort towards your project to make it succeed more. On the internet, there are many competing projects taking similar approaches (see Digg, Reddit, Voat etc); what defines which one succeeds comes down to many factors: e.g. who can keep their servers up, who can keep innovating, who can create a sense of community etc. An idea is worthless, it's all about execution.
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@_jacksmith I know an idea is worthless blablabla... we have the same readings. I congratulate him, same design and no source. Also, he simply took books already on Bookstck without add others. While if he had tried to find, he would have found a lot (I hadn't put everything). Well played!
@clemkn in fairness, checking again on my desktop; you are right that it's not cool that the starting book collections are quite identical to yours (same authors and books), it should have been easy to find others. @maurosicard do you have any comment ?
@_jacksmith @clemkn Before Bookstck was launched, I was also planning and prototyping Bookicious. When It launched, It helped me a bit of research, so thats true I took some books from there. Anyway, I added another collections too, and this week I was going to submit even more. If its true Bookstck helped me to save time on research, I am not trying to copy it. Sorry If you feel like that, in this moment I am improving collections and adding more books so you won't feel its a copy. P.S.: I am adding the sources right now so give me some minutes and its done :)
@maurosicard @clemkn I hope that you can both maintain your projects. Mauro's angle seems that there are lots more collections being added fast. Clément - your one seems to showcase individual books better (which I also think is interesting - which books multiple people recommend etc)
This seems like a very nicely designed site and it's always very interesting to see which books prominent people recommend. @maurosicard : where did you source the book recommendations from? Is it just like personal blog posts etc where these founders have mentioned liking these books?
@_jacksmith Hi there Jack, thanks for the comment! I found recommendations mainly in blog posts and tweets. As I plan to add more collections, I am thinking in sending out an email to some entrepreneurs asking for their recommendations.
@maurosicard @_jacksmith it could be great if you could show the source of where you found each book recommendation
@_jacksmith Done. Just added sources to the collections. Thanks for the feedback Jack!
@maurosicard awesome! maybe something for later; but it'd be also cool if you could pull in what the person had said about them. e.g. here: http://abovethecrowd.com/2015/07... Bill Gurley says: "Last year I was turned on to an amazing book by Jonathan Gottschall titled The Storytelling Animal. Gottschall explains how storytelling plays a critical role in each and every human’s life. The purpose of a presentation deck is to enable entrepreneurs to effectively tell the story of their business." him saying it's amazing could sway me more than if he just thinks it's pretty good.
Hi there :) I am the maker of Bookicious, I am a 18 years old entrepreneur and as I love reading so much I decided to create a series of book collections from successful entrepreneurs. I am planning to expand Bookicious a lot, as I am adding a lot of new collections this week. Feel free to suggest any entrepreneur or category. Any feedbacks and opinions are well received. Thank you!
@maurosicard Hey there ! Reputation is key. Yourself, you are a brand, we are going to remember your brand and its characteristics. This is not the only thing you will ever do on the web, but the next time I'll see your name on a product, I'll remember that it's from the guy who created a product that really looked like another product, which also happened to be featured on the same curating website some time ago. I am not sure such a brand characteristic is the best one to carry around. I think you could have used an audio book angle (featuring the same books buy as audio books), made it about women and minorities only (which the other website terribly lacked), or any kind of differentiation that makes your work original and removes that "hum already seen that somewhere....". Hope to see you soon around soon !
@maurosicard Great product. I'm enjoying going through the book recommendations!
@maurosicard @clemkn (adding on to what @_jacksmith said...) Curated lists with context is neat concept. The context of not only Where an influential person mentioned the text but also what they learned from it (and even better, How it altered their thinking or decision-making model or personal framework) would be useful, too. When people ask me what I'm reading I usually link them my Scribd collections, my Goodreads profile, or my Degreed.com pathway on fiction, depending on what they are looking for and their progress in business or life. What my lists lack is the Why behind me reading a specific book at a specific time, my purpose for reading, and my takeaways (at the time, and later on, since texts tend to plant seeds which later bloom with the appropriate angle of the sun)--for this reason, I've enjoyed commentary that Bill Gates provides on Gates Notes (http://www.gatesnotes.com/Books) or Derek Sivers on his personal site (https://sivers.org/book). Since advice is tricky, I'm still looking for the best way to recommend books and discover the right books at the right time. No easy task with thousands of years of texts available in fiction and non-fiction. Love this start!