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Hey Hunters! I want to introduce ya’ll to Cool Cousin, the friend you wish you had in every city you’re visiting. We are a group of people who LOVE to travel, and I imagine that like you, we refuse to settle for generic experiences while abroad. With time, we’ve grown steadily frustrated with the endless hours of research required to find places that suit our taste, while trying to dodge biased reviews from anonymous contributors with creepy usernames like WAW2world and lazy “top ten” lists that seem crowd-sourced or bot generated. Now, don’t get me wrong, we love bots (some of my best friends are bots), but we truly believe in the fabulous things that come from basic human connection between two like-minded people. It’s golden, I’m telling you. And this is why we created Cool Cousin - so you’ll always have someone to reach out to when you’re in a new city. Using our app, you can easily step up your travel experience with recommendations and personalized advice from locals who share your taste and interests (aka cousins). Basically, you’re just two finger taps away from having your cousin’s full city guidebook at your disposal and from contacting them when you need a go-to local. Our cousins are enthusiastic travelers themselves, who love their hometown and find great satisfaction in sharing their favourite spots, local businesses and things to do in the city. You can already find cousins in London, Paris, Rome, Rio, Barcelona, Berlin and six more cities, with many more destinations coming soon. Give us a try, I’m really excited to hear what you think. I'll be here to answer questions. Itamar Weizman Cool Cousin Maker (Oh, Cool Cousin is available for iOS. Android coming soon enough)
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@itamar_weizman congrats on the launch! Looks super useful, about to give it a try! 💫
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@nivo0o thank you Niv!
@itamar_weizman Congrats! Looking forward to a android release!
@itamar_weizman Congrats! looks so cool. I'd like to be a cool cousin for Guadalajara, México, will it be open for applications? how can I get notified for the Android version?
Love the design and creative, looks amazing. Some questions for the team: 1. How exactly do you curate the massive amounts of content on the platform? 2. If you had to describe the perfect user experience, what would it be? If you could tell the users how to gain the most value from the platform - how would you guide them? Thanks, and great work! Would keep in mind for my next trip.
@guyklr Hey Guy, great questions: 1. We work closely with our cousins and our content team is there to guide them whenever needed during the process of curating their guidebook. Luckily our community of cousins is so passionate about their hometown that the work is very easy and all that we're left with is just improving our product that contains all these wonderful and unique recommendations. 2. IMHO the best use would be to connect with our cousins before arriving to the destination, this way you'll be super ready and pumped :-) Start by picking a few locals you find compelling and make them your new cousins. After that you'll be able to review their recommendations, pick the spots that you like and add them to your wishlist of spots. And maybe the most important thing - you'd be able to message your cousins while planning your trip with questions like: "where should I get my airbnb?" so that you'd utilize their local knowledge to the fullest. Have fun at your next trip!
@itamar_weizman Thanks for taking the time to answer! looking forward to using Cool Cousin.
@guyklr my pleasure 😄 looking forward to hear more from you
Not only for traveling! It's a great way to get to know the small cool places in your own city that only cooler locals than you know.
+1 for the name alone! 😀
When I travel, of course I want to see some of the classic tourist sites in a city, but I also want to get to know the real city, the quirky and local spots that give it its character and make locals love it. That's what you can get from cool cousins, travel tips you can trust. Definitely recommend to anyone who wants to see more than just the touristic side of a city!
@breezzcrm the balance between a "touristic" and a local's experience is exactly the balance we're aiming at 😊