Build a product roadmap everyone understands in minutes with this drag-and-drop editor.

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Thanks for the ProductHunt love everyone! We've just done a massive overhaul on ProdPad, the product management tool you're going to love. It allows you to gather ideas from your team, feedback from your customers, all of the supporting specs and designs, and build it into a product roadmap. Roadmaps so easy to understand, and designed to make you look good in front of your coworkers and your customers. And powered by your actual product requirements in your backlog, which in turn connects to the development tools you're already using, like Trello, JIRA, GitHub and more. This latest version is lightening fast (feels like a native app), and redesigned from the ground up. Your team will love it, and you'll build better products. What more could you want? Get it today, and let us know what you think in the comments!
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Oh man... Im so going to check this out... get me of my powerpoint Roadmap Hell!
@unclejessy4real Haha yes! We're here to save you from bad roadmaps! 💪
Love this product. We are using it more and more across our organisation. As most products should be built, it started with the basics and it keeps improving, listening to the feedback of real world Product Managers.
@diogo_coutinho That's awesome to hear, thank you! Yeah, this started as a tiny little hack project that @simoncast and I did together, just to solve our own problem (we were Product Managers that needed the right tools!). It's improved over time, but this latest version is just leaps and bounds ahead in the underlying tech and in the attention to design and experience. Couldn't have done any of this without our amazing team and awesome customers like you ❤️️
Looks cool. What was the logic behind no integrations on the basic plan? Seems like that plan is missing out on key product benefits.
@tomfrazier Thanks for asking! Good eye.... I'll level with you, as we're all product people here ;) It's a classic price anchor that we tested and found worked for us. It's by testing our pricing AND our product like this that we've been able to build a product that's both usable and profitable (we're a bootstrapped company, completed supported by the love (and dollars) of our awesome customers). Most people opt for the Plus or Premium accounts as they fit their team better, while not many end up on Basic.
I know that the team is super responsive and cares deeply about product (and product people!)
@belsito Thanks so much Mike! 😊 We love product people (because we're product people ourselves), and know how good support is half the product, especially during the vital onboarding phase. This is why @dreasaez, our Head of Customer Success (and PM in a past life) was our first ever hire. If anyone ever needs to reach us, we make it super easy to do so... even in the Slack group we set up just for ProdPadders 👈