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Nice collection guys. I think it could be better if you add real covers.
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@oleg_avrah thank you. Will be nice to hear why. For example a popular book has 2-5 different covers for kindle book, softcover, hardcover etc. We skipped real covers to let people choose by titles and authors.
@andygorezkyi Here's my 2c: I think that the cover of a book is interwoven with the book itself. Part of it is a visual thing, where we've just come to expect it. It will make your content feel more connected to what it represents. That's why even on Kindle or iBooks, where showing a book cover is skeuomorphic, people seek it out. The other part is recall--when I go out to get the book it's nice to have an image in my mind of what it looks like. Even if there may be multiple covers for a title a lot of them are iconic.
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@mironv thanks for the comment. We will think about covers next week. I promise.
@andygorezkyi @oleg_avrah I agree -- it's VERY difficult to process a giant wall of colored boxes -- it's not how our minds work. We can see and retain actual covers easily -- and create correlations when adjusting the filters -- because each cover is unique. With colored boxes only, it's not a resource I would use - it's easier to just scan and sort on Amazon.
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@paulhorne @oleg_avrah don't want to compete with Amazon, just use the ooen data, but i hear you. Thanks.
Hey, everyone. Bookcelerator ranks the top books that will make you smarter by compiling upvotes from Product Hunt, reviews from Amazon and GoodReads, reading time etc. There are collections we made using Medium post by entrepreneurs and posts by Forbes, Business Insider, contributors. I'm happy to let you know we use Fieldbook as a backend. It's real MVP, i know ;). Thanks @jasoncrawford for the service. Would love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to reach me out with personal questions at For example, if you want to make a collection we don't have yet. Thank you @nivo0o0 for the hunt! There is a gif for you :)
Great book curation guys. I am pro covers. I think might increases engagement. The large tiles design is nice. Btw the like fb button appears to have this label: Подобається
@litechip fb button — fixed, thanks for a bug report. We will think about covers, i promise.
This looks great! I've been having trouble recently finding a good way to track books I want to read. Could be a useful next step!
@bcresey thank you for a feature suggestion.
I am pro cover but at this juncture I don't think it really matters. What I think should be the first step (really even before this soft launch) should have been a way to either purchase the book or add it on Goodreads. Right now it's a brightly colored list that bellies the real magic behind the scenes. Meaning if I have to make a list myself of the list it's not super helpful. It wouldn't take much to link to the Goodreads page or even the book on Amazon no partnerships or API tie in required. I think it's a good start and as an "alpha" i think you're on to something. I'd like to see more functionality before it's out there and asking users to try it. It's better to compete a phase then rush to market.
@hgottfried thank you so much for this. We will think on every word.
@andygorezkyi Agree on the part about goodreads / amazon! I naturally thought clicking the buttons for goodreads / amazon will lead me directly to the correct page. Don't mind about affiliate links either in general ;-)
@camillovisini yep, links might work. Don't want to use affiliate programs, but will think on it. Thanks.