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October 15th, 2019

New Google products LEAKED (+ launched)

Google’s latest smartphones finally arrived yesterday, along with a bunch of other new products that were announced at the Made by Google hardware event in New York City. 👀

Here’s what you need to know:

The Pixel 4 📱

The official Pixel 4 reveal was preceded by plenty of leaks, but it’s still a pretty exciting update. The device’s new hardware features include an extra camera lens, an infrared face scanner to unlock the phone and computational photography to automatically process images to look more professional.

The Pixel 4 also includes a Recorder app that can transcribe speech in real time, without an internet connection. You can then search through all past recordings for a particular word — this is a Google product after all. 😉

Do you think the new Pixel is similar to the iPhone 11?

Pixel Buds 👂

The new Pixel Buds are Google’s competitive answer to AirPods. They integrate with Google Assistant, and sit snugly in your ears. Google says that the headphones can stay connected to your phone (via Bluetooth) up to the length of the football field. The buds will be available in Spring 2020 for $179.

Something fun: They come in an array of different colors, including black, white, mint green and coral.

What do you think? Better than AirPods?

Pixelbook Go 💻

The Pixelbook Go is Google’s most affordable Chromebook to date. The laptop will start at $649, and it’s important to note that it doesn’t rotate into a tablet. The Pixelbook Go is ideal for traveling and moving around — it has a rubbery bottom (which is ribbed for an easier grip) and can last 12 hours on a single charge.

Would you use this as your travel laptop?

Nest Mini 🔊

The Nest Mini is a tiny new speaker, and it’s smarter and faster than its predecessor, the Google Home Mini. They (mostly) look the same, but the new speakers have a bass that’s twice as strong and come with a wall mount. In typical Google fashion, the smart speaker is available in a few cute colors — coral, light blue, light gray and black.

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Nest Wifi 👀

Google also released an update to its original WiFi router, unveiling the new and improved Nest Wifi. The system has a powerful router and comes with companion extenders called Points. These Points each have a speaker and microphones that support Google Assistant, so they’ll essentially double as Google Homes.

Bonus Announcements 🎉

Google also announced that its new gaming platform Stadia is officially launching on November 19th. The company will be phasing out its virtual reality platform Daydream.

More Google!

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