Google Pixel Buds can help quick tasks easier and faster, with instant access to the Google Assistant. Plus, they’re comfortable and secure in your ear, deliver high-quality sound, make clear calls, and have a long battery life.
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2 Reviews5.0/5
Glad to see more competition in smart headphones and speakers. While still very early, Google needs to catch up to Apple's AirPods.
@rrhoover Now that the Airpods Pro are available *tomorrow* Google should be ashamed for such a poorly executed launch of the Pixel Buds. I can't help but shake my head at this. I still have Joshua Topolsky's voice ringing in my ears from a Vergecast years ago where he was challenging Google after an iPhone launch: "Google, this is Apple. Bring your !@$* A-game."
A huge update and improvement from the previous iteration of Pixel Buds
@aaronoleary The fact that this is coming out in 2020 only makes me appreciate AirPods more tbh 👀
@aaronoleary the first Pixel Buds were something I wanted to be awesome but ended up being very, very of my worst ever product experiences...and I'm a huge Google user
@awt Hard agree on this, I wanted them to be good so so bad, they looked cool and on paper they seemed amazing, but it just wasn't it
@aaronoleary I did try out the real-time translation feature when traveling was interesting...but not much positive beyond that.
@rrhoover any chance you can add downvote on products?
Great. Another way to check out of reality. e.g. What? I can't hear you. You want to what?...Get to know me? Go to my page and I'll respond to your message.