The future of gaming is not a box. Introducing Stadia, a new gaming platform from Google for playing AAA video games across all kinds of screens.
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Soon to be listed on The Google Cemetery πŸ˜‚
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@naeemol if they deliver on their promises then there's nothing to bury. Truly hope that Stadia (at least the idea of it) is where gaming is going... less consoles war, more cross-platform and no more updating PC parts. On paper... it looks amazing... but I think it will take years to achieve everything they announced today.
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@naeemol agree fully!! This would be way better coming from their YouTube division vs. Google
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Set to be released in 2019, and are competitors providing a fairly similar service - perhaps minus a hefty list of top-tier games
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Everything about this is mind-blowing. From the idea, to the hardware, to the controller, to the youtube integration to the social features to Jade Raymond leading their new first party game studio. Can't wait for this to go live!
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I think the ability to interact with streamers and share specific states from let's plays is one of the most exciting aspects of this. I'm very curious to see how this rolls out and how many game developers release titles that take advantage of these kinds of features.
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RIP Twitch? πŸ‘€ This feels like the future came too soon – 4K HDR 60fps streaming on any device without a console 🀯
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@amrith Which will be amazing on a low latency network, but real world experience will have some growing pains. Also, say bye bye to your bandwidth.
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@amrith Well, it isn't a streaming platform but a game streaming platform, so essentially, more people will have access to play a wider variety of games, meaning more people will have the possibility to stream games on e.g. Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Mixer etc.
Bring it to Africa. We play games too you know and this will certainly be an amazing way to game
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@klein_osim_asu Can't see the ping speeds being good enough in most of Africa... this kind of service absolutely needs fast internet/super-low ping speeds.
@klein_osim_asu @colinmcdermott Not only US and Europe have access to good Internet, I'm from Brazil and I have a 150mbps fiber installed in my home. It's more of a market strategy decision.
@colinmcdermott @douglasschmidt Yeah, to attempt to draw fiber cable to where I live would cost tens of millions of Naira(Nigerian currency) so I have to deal with our crappy internet, well I guess it back to the PC building drawing board.