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Another product area that Apple could have dominated in but, alas, we're stuck with the Airport that hasn't been updated for years.
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@joshuapinter The day Apple will see his profit margin going down, we may have a chance to see them innovate once again… But for now on, it is a big desert of idea…
They didn't mention it during the announcement, but the nice thing is that this will work with existing Google OnHub routers. You can add Google Wifi as a point to create a mesh network.
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@kunalslab I was going to say whether or not onhub was yet another throwaway google device. Good that's cleared up
It's a new Wi-Fi system designed to give you a fast signal in every room, on every device. Each Google Wifi point creates a high-powered connection, and the different points work together to determine the best path for your data.
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at least Google got the price right on one product
Boom cheaper than Eero and Luma! Looking forward to this one.. Time to get rid of my netgear extender 💣
@yonishechter be interested to see how it compares. kinda pinning my hopes on Amplifi though - https://www.amplifi.com/.