Pixel 4

A brand new Pixel phone from Google

a camera that captures detail that others can't, a new way to use your phone without touching it, new Google Assistant, and a fast and responsive display, Pixel 4 packs new technology into a new design. Best of all, Pixel includes the latest version of Android
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5 Reviews2.0/5
Wow the new iPhone, sorry I mean Pixel looks great! No I joke, it does look really good though, the pixel line has always been the obvious choice for me due to stock android and instant android updates
@aaronoleary I'd rather have the infinity display than the ability to wave at my phone. Although pure Android OS is nice to have
@aaronoleary @igor_nefedov it'll be interesting to see what developers do with the radar sensor though. Assuming they'll open it up to 3rd parties...
TAGLINE: Flagship pricing with so so hardware and great software
Photo wise its great on software... I guess they're more focused on Photos than in Video.
I have to say...Pixel 3 is one of my favorite products so excited for the 4
They should sale all over the world. Difficult to buy in many countries.