Nest Mini

A new tiny nest speaker from Google

Nest Mini is smarter and faster than the original Mini. We embedded a dedicated machine learning chip with up to one TeraOPS of processing power, which lets us move some Google Assistant experiences from our data centers directly onto the device.
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Looks identical to the Google Home Mini, I like that it can stick to places, dont know if that was a feature before?
@aaronoleary You can stick the GH Mini too, but you need something in the wall (like a screw) or and adhesive (and the risk to break some of the wall)
I'm a long-time Google Home user. Which voice platform team are you on?
Google Assistant
Amazon Alexa
Apple Siri
Samsung Bixby
Microsoft Cortana
Other (share in the comments)
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@rrhoover I absolutely love my Google Home, really fun to build actions for it
@rrhoover I guess having a poll here is probably skewed towards users who care about Nest Mini, who are mostly existing Google home users....