Google Home Mini

Small and mighty smart speaker, only $49

Google Home Mini is the new smaller version of the popular Google Home. It's Google Assistant anywhere you want.

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This is going to be a killer holiday gift at $49/ea, especially for the grandparents.
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Echo Dot by Google
how is using iOS with Google devices like these?
Looks like I'm getting one of these for free for pre-ordering my Pixel 2.
@theashtube Me too! Happy to get one, but annoyed that they will delay sending the discount code until weeks after the Pixel arrives (to allow for the return period to pass). I guess it makes sense because they'd be at a huge loss if enough people returned their phones, but with delivery dates as late as they are as it is, we aren't getting this until 2018.
@irishpolyglot As they say, if it's "free", there's a catch :D
Give me 2 of them. One Google Home, two minis and one big Googe Home Max = Perfect combo.