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Product Hunt Daily Digest
April 16th, 2019

Today’s Daily Digest was crafted by Product Hunt and sponsored by our friends at Blockstack.

Last week, blockchain software startup Blockstack announced its SEC filing for a $50M regulated token offering.

Why it matters: If approved by the SEC, the sale would allow Blockstack to raise capital through the U.S. securities markets via its subsidiary, Blockstack Token LLC. This could potentially set a precedent for other token offerings.

New York-based Blockstack got its start in 2013 with a mission to enable developers to build secure, privacy-focused apps. Fun fact: They were in the same Y Combinator batch as us at Product Hunt. Today, more than 80 such applications exist on Blockstack. Some include:

Lander is your personal home page on the decentralized internet 🏠

MyWhereAbouts is your location history, without the targeted ads 🌎

Scannie lets you securely scan and store your documents 🔒

Radicle is a safe, verified art marketplace and auction site 🎨

Travelstack is a decentralized Instagram 📸

Afari is decentralized and fast group messaging 💬

How to use Blockstack: Users can sign up once and “Sign in with Blockstack” just like you would on Facebook, Twitter, or any other website. If you want to make your own dApp, $100,000 is up for grabs every month. dApp developers can sign up for App Mining to earn for their traction. Blockstack will then divvy up $100k across (or ‘to’) registered Blockstack dApps based on their overall ranking each month.

Check out the full list of top dApps from March and register here for App Mining to be eligible for next month’s payouts. 👏

Product News! 😻

Twitch has a new karaoke game for live streaming. Hinge has designed its new app to be deleted. There's now an A.I powered digital physical therapist. Sony launched its own taxi-hailer app. And Ro is now valued at $500M.

A Chrome extension that turns your Gmail account into a powerful email marketing platform. No external UI to learn, because all the magic happens inside Gmail. And we suck at building UIs.
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