Secure and end-to-end encrypted document scanner and storage

Scannie is a scanner app where you can store your documents securely.
It’s open-source and built on top of Blockstack’s platform.
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8 Reviews5.0/5
Hi Product Hunt 👋 We would like to explain in more detail what Scannie is and how Blockstack contributes to its unique features. 📄 Another document scanner app? Yes, it is a document scanner app which automatically stores your documents with end-to-end encryption. Completely free, secure, decentralized and open-source. On top of these main features, it also supports intelligent live document detection, precision control cropping area editing and search/sort functionalities. 💻 Why we did it We believe that users should have each day more control over their identity and data. In traditional applications the information and authentication system is closed behind companies’ servers. Today, we're beginning to have a set of tools at our disposal that makes it possible for users to still access their data anywhere without compromising their privacy and security. Scannie is a perfect example of an application that respects these values, a platform users can trust, that is open-source and secure. Source code is available at GitHub ( ⚠️ Current issues We're working on fixing some issues and improving the overall experience. - Improving upload and read speed - UX and UI enhancements 🔜 What's next - Web app - Folders - Shared folders Take a look at our roadmap to know more about these: What is Blockstack Blockstack offers a suite of different tools that allow users to access applications in an innovative ecosystem. Its identity and storage capabilities are unique and work unlike any other platform. 👤 Identity and storage Blockstack users have a single universal identity (a combination of username and key) registered directly on Bitcoin’s blockchain. All data associated with that identity stays with it, meaning applications or central authorities do not keep or control access to their data. Users can also decide where to store their data and which applications can read or write to it. Blockstack even offers its own storage, named Gaia ( 🔒 How is it secure All files on Blockstack are stored encrypted with users identity key. Data is end-to-end encrypted with this key that only the user holds and therefore it is impossible to decrypt the information stored in each file. Give it a try and fire away any questions you may have in the comments. Thank you for your support ❤️ Andre
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nice one!
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After trying out scannie, what jumps out to me the most is the overall UX feel, very smooth, from the registration through blockstack, to the actual purpose of the app, good addons such as document filtering and search and very good scanning quality and editing


UX and UI, nice addons like searching and filtering, good scanning quality and editing, very smooth registration with blockstack


Nothing to say at this point

@_andre_sousa Any plans of bringing it to Android?
@asad_noorani yes! We're working now on a web version and some improvements on iOS, but Android is definitely in our plans and will hopefully be available soon.
hi @_andre_sousa i really like your product but it would be really awesome to be able to share in bulk or made bulk actions in general, any plans for implementing it anytime soon?