P2P marketplace for collecting, trading and auctioning art

Collect and trade peer to peer with minimal fees using the Bitcoin blockchain. Real time peer to peer auctions; trade in real time with minimal fees and with no single entity in charge. User data is owned by users. Radicle does not keep records of your data.
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29 Reviews5.0/5

I love where this is going and it has huge potential to change the way we think about digital art


Decentralized, minimalistic design, straight to the point


Slow web loading time, takes some time and understanding to properly setup

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Mike CohenFounder of radicle and dbid
Radicle Art is relaunching in October 2019. We are simplifying the user experience and focusing on our core benefits of being able to register your artwork and other digital creative works on the Bitcoin Blockchain.
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Hi All, it was a long journey to create a world first fully decentralised art market. This means our platform does not store any user data and all transactions are done in middleman free environment. We are first focusing on digital art. On our system only 1 copt of bitmap data file can exist and is held on owners local storage. When someone purchases artwork, bitmap data file is moved automatically from one user storage to another user storage. Since PH is limited with product description I am writing here a longer one. Radicle is an art platform and ecosystem on which contemporary artists showcase and sell their artworks to collectors and investors, who in turn can trade art amongst each other. The digital artworks traded on Radicle can both be created traditionally or digitally, but the essence is that they are always preserved and presented digitally. We use Bitcoin blockchain and Blockstack technology to secure originality and ownership of digital artworks, as well as to enable real-time auctioning. To deliver real-time auctioning, we have developed a lightning type of network implementation. Our platform is fully decentralised art ecosystem where artists are charged 0% commission on sales, and they receive residual payments of all future sales of artworks. Our system does not have any central server and is complete middleman free environment. Join us on our mission to create a movement that will help the artist make a better living.
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A game changer!
Papi JumpI am a critical ops player
I think product is great as long as it gets valiance to host tourneys again
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Critical ops gang :0
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