Huawei Mate X

The fastest foldable phone with 5G

Experience the future of mobile technology with the HUAWEI Mate X. The new folding design integrates a new era of communicative interaction. Keep it compact for daily smartphone tasks or unfold to reveal an exceptional experience in multitasking/entertainment.

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Building apps for this new wave of foldable phones is both exciting and stressful. We'll need to create new design patterns and expectations for consumers.
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Awesome, but I don't want a phone owned by the Chinese Govt.
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@tjstalcup they are not owned by govt. They just use "National Brand/ Product" to lure Chinese customers
@amrith at $2,600, I don't think this even remotely qualifies as a "Galaxy Fold killer". It's neat, but when the Note is already way more expensive than most people are willing to spend on what really amounts to novelty tech at the moment, the HUAWEI isn't going to fare any better. The real challenge is bringing the technology down to a more reasonable price point now, and whoever manages to do that first is who is going to have the advantage. Not "whoever makes the fastest foldable phone."
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@joshh But keep in mind that the Galaxy *starts* at $1980 and that is probably for the bare minimum specs. The Huawei has 3 displays, the Fold has 2; and the camera on the Huawei is 40MP compared to the 16MP on the Fold. (I see you edited your comment) Both Samsung and Huawei are pioneering this tech and it's no surprise that both are so expensive, it will decrease with time for sure. But for now, the Mate X is thinner than the Fold and has more features so...
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I’m glad I don't need a case for this brand new screen type. No way this $2600 phone gets cracked week 1!!!
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Huawei Mate X has missed the opportunity on local multiplayer mobile gaming. In a tent mode, it should have features for two players to game against each other with an android joystick 🕹️
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