Venmo Card is a debit card, powered by MasterCard and synced with your Venmo account.

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Funny how digital companies inevitably go physical. I was recently speaking with someone about this topic as it relates to D2C ecommerce sites like Warby Parker and Casper which innovated by focusing entirely on online commerce. Now they're opening their own physical stores in order to serve different customers and expand their reach.
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@rrhoover I think there will always be a desire and need to interact with products in person and in-hand. It's fundamentally the desire to connect with a product hoping for a positive interaction before we commit to a purchase. (In context with Warby and Casper)
@rrhoover first thing I do when I get cards is digitize them (Apple Pay and lastpass).
It's a good first step, but I'm still firmly riding the Square Cash / Card train, and I see nothing here that would compel me to do otherwise.
@aubron same, unless I was able to actually use it as a debit card and not a pre paid card
This is cool and all, but why are US companies still waiting Ant Financial to eat their lunch with low-fee QR code payment everywhere? Why allow free personal use of the same service a la Venmo while charging 2.9% + $0.3 per transaction for merchants? For comparison, WeChat pay is about 0.6% flat, so is Alipay
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I don't have any such option in my Venmo app.