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I've been a beta customer for about year. It's definitely worked well for monitoring and controlling the family's internet usage. Easy to setup and use with the iphone app.
Hey folks. sorry to leave you hanging. I'm one of the founders of Circle. Gonna hop in and answer as many questions as I can (:
Brilliant and almost too simple to setup. How does it work? Is it by taking over the DNS of the home WiFi network? What if your kid sets a manual DNS entry in their network settings, can it be bypassed?
@pdame Wow! Very cool pitch. Same question here. I was expect it to just replace your router completely. Wonder why that didn't just do that? Maybe cause there's a trend towards all in one, cable box router combos?
@pdame Great question. Circle uses a technique called, “ARP spoofing”, a common hacking technique. But we use it for good (: Circle uses ARP spoofing to automatically monitor all traffic on the home network. Here's a link to our white paper on it:
@jfilcik We made an intentional decision to not be the router. It was really about simplicity. I rarely change out my router, and who really wants to reconfigure all the passwords in their home. It's just a barrier we wanted tor remove to make it as easy as possible for anyone to use Circle.
@jelanimemory Very cool. Great use of a hacking technique to make it work so seamlessly. Any risk future routers will block or otherwise prevent such a "hack"?
@pdame Great question. We've thought of it, but it's very difficult for them to do so since we're leveraging standard protocols. They would have to essentially redo how they create and manage their routers networks. Someone at some point, whether a company or person will come up with something. We'll keep innovating to try and stay one step ahead (:
No joke, I was at Disney World this weekend for a girls getaway to Food & Wine and we all lamented how we needed a device like this. Even to set limits for 😉 Thank you!!
Great idea! I see that its limited now to just the US market. No plans beyond that?
@lynnfredricks We desperately want to move beyond just US, but there's all sorts of language, compliance, and support issues to take care of before we can. So will "coming soon" suffice?