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October 19th, 2018
We made a mistake.

On Wednesday we shared GitHub's new Actions tool, or "the biggest thing since the Pull Request." It helps developers automate their workflows.

However, we and many others missed GitHub’s most important launch.

You can now design your own Octocat, with GitHub's new mascot generator. Mona the Octocat has famously taken on dozens of personalities already, so now's your chance to join the ranks of Steve Jobs, Mario, and Finn. 😻

GitHub’s pivot into avatars is quite surprising. Why would the wildly popular developer platform enter such a crowded space? How could they possibly compete with MyIdol, the creepiest app to come out of China? Or Genies, a Bitmoji competitor that raised $15M pre-launch? Or this new app that turns you into Iron Man and other famous movie characters?

But seriously, everyone wants to own the avatar because the avatar is a gateway to online identity. So, embrace the future and turn yourself into an Octocat. 😺
Hiten Shah's collection of Free Stuff For Startups is one of the all-time best resources for helping startups get started. Hiten has been updating it regularly with products like FounderKit, Culture Codes, and Logo Dust, and it's the most followed collection on Product Hunt.

Hiten is now turning the question over to you: What do you think are the best free resources for startups? 

You can add your recommendation here, and explore the 25+ free startup resources recommended by community members so far. 
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