LambdaTest Screenshot Chrome Extension can be used to take full page screenshots of webpages across different desktop and mobile browsers right from your browser with one click. These screenshots will help in fastracking cross browser compatibility testing of the web pages and websites.

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Hello Hunters! It is blissful to be here again. My name is Jay, and I am the Co-Founder of LambdaTest. As promised in our previous featuring, we are glad to announce our first product update as we move one step closer to delivering our audience with a complete testing ecosystem. Today we prepared something extraordinary for you all. LambdaTest Chrome Extension allows you to capture full-page screenshots as you surf through the internet. LambdaTest Screenshots will help to increase your productivity, ease your research and testing experience. To make browser compatibility testing of web apps and websites a little bit easier and faster, we decided to launch the LambdaTest cross-browser testing screenshot plugin to Chrome marketplace. We built it keeping three things in mind: it had to be easy to use, had to offer a wide range of major browsers, and browser library has to be up-to-date with the latest browsers. Here’s the step-by-step guide: 1. Visit LambdaTest Screenshots on Chrome Web Store by this link - 2. Add the extension to your Chrome browser by clicking on "Add to Chrome". 3. Signup for a free LambdaTest account at 4. Upon verification of the email address go to Profile page at 5. Copy the Access Key from the profile page and use the same to activate this extension. It may look a complicated setup. Although, It isn't! It will take less than 2 minutes to configure it all & you will end up saving hundreds of hours effort. It is a promising return on time invested. With LambdaTest Screenshots you can capture up to 25 screenshots in one test session. You can perform up to 10 screenshot sessions every month using our freemium plan. We are offering a 35% exclusive discount for product hunt users on our monthly listed price if you opt for an annual subscription. Use coupon code PH35 while upgrading to avail the same. By a free sign up you can perform a lot more than screenshot testing. Here are some of the major highlights of the features that we provide in our product: → 2000+ browser and browser versions where can you test your web-apps. → Real-time interactive testing → Automated Responsive testing to perform Visual UI testing. → Smart UI Testing wherein you can compare image to image and identify visual deviations. → Single click bug logging to help you log a bug from screenshots with only a single click. → Inbuilt issue tracker which directly allows you to integrate your bug to JIRA, Slack, Asana, Trello, GitHub, Gitlab, VSTS, Bitbucket, Google Meet or emails. → Testing of the websites hosted on local and private servers using SSH tunnel. → Wordpress plugin for taking full-page automated screenshots. We provide access to all our features in our freemium plan. The only difference between our freemium and premium plan lies in the amount of consumption. As a premium user, you can perform unlimited testing for all the features on our product. We envision LambdaTest as a platform that can fulfil all the needs of the testing community. We are continuously growing to facilitate a complete testing ecosystem. Thanks to our customers’ valuable feedbacks and suggestions. They have acted as pillars for making our cloud-based platform more robust. Hope you like our latest addition. Feel free to comment about what attracted you the most and where you feel we can do better as we are soon going to deliver a WordPress plugin offering the same service to comfort the testing experience for WordPress specific audience. We will be grateful as your valuable input will help us to improve further. P.S - Thank you for reading, upvoting and all the support we have received so far. We have a ton of awesome updates coming up as we endeavour to deliver a complete testing ecosystem on the cloud and we can’t wait to share them with you soon. Stay tuned for more!
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Do you have other extensions as well? I use Wordpress for website development. Is there any way I can make it handy just like chrome extension? @jay_0687
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@karunajaswal Hi Karuna. Thanks for the question. Yes, we are constantly evolving into all the integration fields with the constant feedback from our users. We have WordPress integration as well in which you can take direct multi browser screenshots from your WordPress dashboard. This can be done from the post editor, Dashbaord, viewer. You can also refer to for more information.
Sure @jay_0687 I'll take a look into it and your product is really amazing, I'am thinking of coming onboard.
Easy to use, and install. All in all - love it! ❤️
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@chaitraredy Hey Chaitra. Thanks a lot for your words! 😄 Means a lot for us. ❤️
I am loving using LambdaTest chrome extension. Good job guys well done!
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@amrutha_ramakrishna Thanks so much Amrutha. It means a lot to us.
Nice idea, guys! i will try it!
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@ivan_burban Hey Ivan. Thank you so much. Please try and share your feedback for us. We'll be more than happy to help you out. Thanks again! 😄