Turn yourself into a singing 3D avatar

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Nothing's in english so I haven't figured out how to export a video but I'll leave this right here:
@rrhoover hit that green button on the bottom right - it should bring up a "save" pane with options to send to camera roll, etc (and icons that sort of match that). How did you figure out how to unlock different scenes? I only was able to unlock the stripper pole one and the Frozen karaoke one.
@ckurdziel my friends and I figured it out. When that green text-overlay appears, it's not that they are locked - it just means loading. All you have to do is press it, and wait like 15-30 seconds and it will be "unlocked"
The best part of how popular this app is becoming, is the fact that users are still navigating through it (eagerly) to mess around and are truly enjoying it—regardless of not knowing a lick of the navigation and content. Mark of a truly exciting and fun product. Looking forward to the English version (apparently coming soon) even though I'm using it as it. :)
@imcatnoone totally agree! If you search #myidol on Instagram, Vine, or Twitter there are some amazing results. I'm particularly fascinated that the stickiness of the product trumps its usability.
Already tried this app. Just amazing how much fun you can have without understanding ANY of these asian symbols. Nevertheless you are able to create your avatar and add some other stuff. For Android you have to scan the QR Code on the website because it isn't available yet @ PlayStore.
Half the fun is testing the UI intuitiveness. I made some wrong guesses on where to tap next and ended up watching a video of Japanese adults fighting parachuting tigers. I finally created my guy...and when I did, it chilled me to my bones. I feel like it stole a piece of my's fun!