Take a break from your build and create an Octocat that’s all you, from whisker tip to tail.

Igor Pavlov
Sanchita Saha
Dimitris Loukas
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  • Pros: 

    It's a welcome distraction from the sad reality of life, and made me smile :-)


    Needs more fashion choices, and please, can we have a "salt n'pepper" hair colour?

    Another fun entry in the "things I can happily waste a few minutes of my day on" category. Will I ever actively use the avatar? Maybe, but even if I don't it was fun to play with, and the UX was more responsive and slicker than many others I've used in the past... and it's nice to see Github not taking itself too seriously :-)

    Mark Thompson has used this product for one day.
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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Just made an octocat: Although the fashion selection is a bit odd, lol. Where's the white tee and non-ripped jeans!?
Jordan Chadsey
Jordan Chadsey@jordan_chadsey · Code, Strategy & Adventures
@rrhoover I love the hair!!
Jordan Chadsey
Jordan Chadsey@jordan_chadsey · Code, Strategy & Adventures
Here is my octocat! Definitely went more out there on my fashion, too—- but having so many legs to dress can be a challenge 😂 . Fun!!
Corinthia D Smith
Corinthia D Smith@stargirl546 · Anime Lover
@jordan_chadsey @stan_williams so adorable #CUTEYPIE
Raphael Carvalho
Raphael Carvalho@raphaelcrv · Full stack developer
shams larbi
shams larbi@shams_larbi · Wannapreneur and tech enthusiast
Igor Pavlov
Igor Pavlov@igorpavlov · Prototyper
The results look OK. One question though: why?
Igor Pavlov
Igor Pavlov@igorpavlov · Prototyper
@jloriente Sad if that's only the reason and this feature does not serve any actual value.
Mark Thompson
Mark Thompson@mark_thompson5
@jloriente @igorpavlov I dunno. I think it's fairly sad if everything in life *has* to have an actual value. I mean, there's no actual value served for having avatars anywhere really (e.g. Xbox avatars), other than they're an expression of one's personal creativit, and they're fun, and with so little in life being fun at the moment, I for one think there's incalculable value in putting a smile on people's faces. The less than 5 minutes I spent turning my Octocat in to a knight in shining armour had no intrinsic hit on my productivity today, but the amusement I got from it was just the thing I needed to go back to the grind.
Igor Pavlov
Igor Pavlov@igorpavlov · Prototyper
@mark_thompson5 I disagree, I think everything should have a value. However, what you described is a value to you. I just love GitHub because it does the job and only the job and it does it very well. I don't want to have any "marketing" stuff related to GitHub. If it starts pop marketing stuff I would simply completely migrate to GitLab.