Take a break from your build and create an Octocat that’s all you, from whisker tip to tail.

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Just made an octocat: Although the fashion selection is a bit odd, lol. Where's the white tee and non-ripped jeans!?
@rrhoover I love the hair!!
Here is my octocat! Definitely went more out there on my fashion, too—- but having so many legs to dress can be a challenge 😂 . Fun!!

Another fun entry in the "things I can happily waste a few minutes of my day on" category. Will I ever actively use the avatar? Maybe, but even if I don't it was fun to play with, and the UX was more responsive and slicker than many others I've used in the past... and it's nice to see Github not taking itself too seriously :-)


It's a welcome distraction from the sad reality of life, and made me smile :-)


Needs more fashion choices, and please, can we have a "salt n'pepper" hair colour?