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#5 Product of the WeekOctober 18, 2018
+1 is a conversation tracking platform that records, transcribes, and lets you search all your meetings and calls in one central place. You can stop scrambling to take notes and have a more efficient way to recall every meeting you’ve ever had.

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Hi Product Hunt 👋, I'm Krish, co-founder of Fireflies, and along with my co-founders @sudotong. We are so excited to share Fireflies with you. Fireflies is coming out of beta to hear the community’s valuable feedback. Fireflies helps you record, transcribe, and search your calls in one central place. We fundamentally believe there is a treasure trove of information that is lost inside conversations. No matter what type of meeting it is, we are always striving to remember too much information or scrambling to take notes. Whether you are a sales rep, recruiter, product manager, executive, consultant, or journalist there is value in remembering your conversations. Our goal was to provide a solution that would augment data capture for everyone in the workplace. aims to give you superpowers to remember every conversation you’ve ever had with perfect recall. Fireflies plugs into your Google calendar and can join meetings for a plethora of web-conferencing platforms like Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, GoToMeeting and more. You can even invite to your meetings or upload previously recorded audio files to our platform to be transcribed. Once a meeting is processed you can create notes, listen to the call, read the transcript and search the call inside our dashboard. We’ve spent the past year and a half fine-tuning the system and getting Fireflies into thousands of meetings. Today, we are proud to share our platform publicly with you all. We would love to get your feedback! We'll be around all day answering questions, so feel free to comment here or email me or my co-founder Sam directly at or
@sudotong @fireflies @krish_ramineni Great product, I have been working with audio processing app in past. I know the complexity of this system. Great job team. Is it possible to record the note or upload any recording to get transcription and can manage it? Also, the mobile application will be available in near future? I do some meeting via tablet or mobile. Cheers, -ND
hi @nishchit_dhanani thanks! let's see if I can answer all parts of your questions: 1. You can upload pre-recorded files into our system and get the transcript 2. If you have upcoming web-conferencing meetings on your calendar, you can invite to join the call, record those meetings, and transcribe it automatically for you. 3. Mobile app is potentially in the pipeline (yes) if you need a way to get a transcription of an in person meeting you can have Fireflies call your cell number or record the call using your device and then later upload it to Fireflies :)
@sudotong @fireflies @krish_ramineni , Have you started with outbound sales for FireFlies ?
@sudotong @fireflies @shreyaa_ratra just want to clarify do you mean having our own team do outbound sales to sell Fireflies? We have a handful of customers doing outbound sales using Fireflies on their calls 😄
@krish_ramineni Yes I meant own team doing outbound sales. Well, in that case I don't think you need one 😃 However, if you need to scale your sales in future, do let me know. Would be happy to help 😃

Watched product evolve over time. I requested the old recording feature and they built it - awesome when companies prioritize their users like that. So excited for all of us to spend more time working on what matters and not the minutia


- Can use old recordings and get transcript

- Helps w/ investor conversations and makes sales follow-up super easy

- Dashboard overview


None so far

Awesome to here that the call upload feature has been a huge value add for you! I can imagine how many people record their calls or have recorded files just sitting there and need a fast way to transcribe, search, and save those convos :)

Got the chance to try Fireflies out a couple times and I was surprised with how easy it was to integrate into our flow. Basically you just need to make a Google cal event (which we do) and you're done! Having our meetings be searchable is a gamechanger, doubly so with remote team mates. Excited and curious to see what's next for Fireflies.


Seamless & really good results!


Not sure yet

Thanks for the candid feedback -- while building this we really prioritized making it fit seamlessly into custom workflows. We provide users with full control: upload files & invite it to meetings whenever you like. Likewise, we provide the ability to tell Fireflies tot auto-join any new calendar events with a dial-in number. That way, it's less overhead thinking, and Fireflies can capture the important moments from every meeting.

the company has a great team of engineers and visionaries who came together to deliver a useful product that can be of use to multiple types of industries


Multiple Options For Multiple Use Cases, Intuitive


No cons

💪 💪 Appreciate you @oludotun_longe We will continue shipping fast and working as hard as we can to build the best experience that we can. It's up to us! "Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do." - Steve Jobs

I honestly wish I had found out about this product earlier because these guys are really on to something. I can now focus on my calls and leave the note taking to the AI, and the best part is, the call notes always end up in the correct salesforce record!


automatically pushes meeting notes to my crm SEAMLESSLY


wish I found this sooner

ahh yes @kashish_gupta filling out the CRM and logging activities after every meeting is one painful task we can all do away with 😉 awesome to see you are using our new integrations.