Product Hunt Daily Digest
October 15th, 2018

The LaCroix of weed soda 🌿
Your next soda could have cannabis in it. 😮

A new generation of food founders are infusing sodas, beers, and snacks with cannabidiol (often known as CBD) to alleviate pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety, stress and other illnesses.

CBD isn't "new." The compound was first extracted from cannabis in the 40's by Harvard chemist Roger Adams, who thought it was completely useless and moved on to other research. His work was picked up in the 60's, leading to the worldwide CBD craze sweeping your local convenience store. Poor Roger. 😢

CBD can be infused into really anything. The extract doesn't include THC, which is what causes the psychoactive symptoms associated with getting high, and makes it legal in all 50 states. Don't be surprised if you see CBD offered at your local indie coffee shop. ☕

A new CBD soda just launched yesterday: DRAM's Lemongrass CBD Sparkling Water is exactly what it sounds like, and it ships anywhere in the US. There are THC varieties too: California Dreamin' went through Y Combinator last year and is selling in dispensaries across California. Eaze has raised $50M+ to deliver cannabis products directly to your door.

Or... if you want to grow everything yourself, LEAF is an automated plug-n'-plant cannabis grower for your house. It's even won an illustrious Golden Kitty in 2016.
Weed Tech 🌿
Startups come and go. Very few last for decades. Some shut down when the founders call it quits. Others get acquired and subsequently killed by their adoptive parents. Few pivot into something great.

Product Graveyard commemorates the most memorable products that have gone away. The site is well-designed and informative, recognizing each startup’s cause of death, lifespan, notable achievements, and last known residence.

For example, Sunrise’s honorable grave reads:
👶  Born February 2013 and it died in August 2016
☠  Got killed by its adoptive parent who merge it into Outlook
🔮  Known for great UI, simple to use, and 3rd party services
🏠  Last know residence: OS X, Windows, iOS, Android, and Web

Product Graveyard has hundreds of products you can honor and learn from. If any are missing, submit a short 'autopsy' for the team to add, and share a eulogy (a fun story) in the PH comments and company page.