Product Hunt Daily Digest
December 6th, 2016

Snapchat playing cards are a thing 🃏
More Games! 🎲
The holiday season is upon us! There's no better way to compliment all the festivities with the #fam than with a good card game. Some of our favorites:

🦄 Disrupt Cards: The funniest card game to hit Silicon Valley
😏 The Voting Game: A party game for discovering who your friends are
👻 Snapchat Playing Cards: Official playing cards by Snap
🍊 Trumped Up Cards: Reid Hoffman's satirical game turned 😱😐 
🚀 Control: Strategic game where you escape a rupture in spacetime
🙀 Exploding Kittens: If you're into card games, kittens, and explosions

For more, here are 8 Games To Keep You Entertained During the Holidays (order soon so they'll get to you in time).
Golden Kitty categories to watch: DHH leads LIVE Chat of the Year, Google Gboard leads Tech Product of the Year, and Tesla Solar Roof leads Breakthrough Product of the Year. Vote 🙀 Vote 😺 Vote 😻 Vote 😽 Vote.

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