The Voting Game

A party game for discovering who your friends are

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Today we have @tomrohlf, the creator of The Voting Game. He'll be answering you questions about the card game starting at 1pm PT! Thanks for joining us, @tomrohlf! A few for ya: 1) What were some of the biggest challenges you ran into in creating the game? 2) How do you view the current state of card games? It feels like the community is divided between traditional card games and more social card games like your game and Card Against Humanity. 3) What other awesome card games should we be playing?
@russfrushtick Shipping worldwide was something that I've put a lot of time into. I wanted to be able to provide the game to customers around the globe. As long as people are having fun with it in my opinion it doesn't matter what "type" of game they are playing. I'm a big fan of the classic game called werewolf.
@tomrohlf! totally excited to play this with friends. Was on a trip last weekend and this would have been perfect for that group. πŸ˜ƒ 1 thing I'd love to know. What made you decide to bring the game to Kickstarter? What opportunities did that open up for you/the game? πŸ˜ƒ
@mscccc The Voting Game is about the people you're playing with and Kickstarter is known for its tight knit community. Bringing the game to the Kickstarter community first seemed like a good first step. Having a campaign on Kickstarter has opened up many doors. The community on Kickstarter is filled with tons of entrepreneurs that want to help get your project funded. It doesn't stop when the campaign is over though, I've been able to set up a few partnerships that will help once the campaign is over.
The Voting Game is an adult party game that uncovers the hilarious truth behind your friendships. Each round, vote anonymously for the player that is described by the question. The votes are tallied and the truth is revealed!
Hey Tom! What future plans do you have to support the game?
@jacqvon I'm releasing 3 expansion packs along with the main game as a pet of the kickstarter. Over time I plan to release a couple more. Additionally, I'm considering a digital version of the game.
@tomrohlf what was the inspiration behind the game? Was it a version of something you were already playing with your friends? PS - this looks awesome! And like a must have - I can only imagine how much fun it probably is.
@corleyh Many years ago the seed for The Voting Game was discovered at a music festival. We played with scraps of paper and made up our own questions as we went. Over the years the rules have changed but the core of the game is still the same. Discover who your friends really are.