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What a knowledge base should be–personal and intelligent

Let customers help themselves with a smarter knowledge base.

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G’day hunters. 👋🏻 Matt here from Intercom. Today we’re so, so, so excited to launch a brand new product. It’s called Educate, and it’s our take on what a knowledge base should be–personal and intelligent. With Educate you can create a public help center where customers can find answers on their own, and your support team can quickly search for and share help articles directly in conversations with customers. We built Educate to work seamlessly with our help desk product, Resolve. It uses AI to automatically suggest articles based on your conversation history. Using machine learning, those suggestions get more accurate over time. Educate is available today at an introductory price of $49 per month. You can try it free, and it’s easy to import your existing knowledge base from tools like Zendesk,, and Help Scout. You can learn more about Intercom’s solution for customer support here: We’re only just getting started and have plenty of updates on the way! 🚀
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@mattnhodges this looks like the Knowledge Base product I've been waiting for. Extremely cool!
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@mattnhodges and what about the price after 6 months? I don't want to invest all the time to create the content and after 6 months you decide to charge XXX for it. Btw. what is the long term plan, do you guys charge for every new feature by simply calling it a product?
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@hjuskewycz 👋🏼 the simple and honest answer is that we need to understand how the product is used in the wild, so we can price it in a way that makes it affordable for customers of all shapes and sizes. Pricing is so, so hard. We want to make sure we get it right. To that effect, we're being upfront about our plans to introduce long-term pricing, and we will grandfather all existing Educate customers for 6 months following the introduction of long-term pricing. It's not lost on us that there is an investment of time to be made in creating help content–that's why we built importers, so it's much easier for you to see if the product is a good fit for your needs: I'd encourage you to try Educate. I'm confident you'll find it's a lot more than a "feature". 😀
@mattnhodges Looks great, I've now tried it out. Seems like a great first step, I'd love to know your roadmap for it. A couple quick suggestions due to early limitations perhaps: a) Rarely does an article not reference another. The link feature during article edit should ideally offer a way to select existing articles to permit cross-linking. Right now you must manually locate an article's full URL (which could easily change later thus creating broken links that are hard to find). All links open new tabs right now as well which isn't ideal. b) Additionally, there needs to be a way for cross-linked articles to function if the Help Center is not public. There's no way to do it now it seems. c) Can the Help Center be made accessible to customers but not necessarily easily accessible to the public? We definitely don't want all content indexed by search engines but that can't be disabled currently. d) We often we want to add "contact us" in an article for more assistance or a step we must do on the customer's behalf. There should be a way to open the Messenger widget from a link in an article, not just when the article is disliked. e) The Help Center should ideally be promoted before the customer even starts typing in the Messenger. Ideally articles could be browsed and searched without leaving the page where the Messenger was embedded. I have to assume this is coming. Thanks!
Pretty cool, but would have liked to see this as part of my existing subscription seeing as it's already on the large side...
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@danielkempe Seriously. I was excited about this but looks like we will go back to using Helpscout's knowledge base.
@danielkempe Agreed. Every time a feature is introduced, my default reaction is "cool, but what's it going to cost me?" Same again here.
@danielkempe @caleb_delbegio @kevinace we're bummed, but completely understand why you might feel this way. Let me take some time to explain things from our point of view. At the very least, perhaps we can agree to disagree 😀 From the very start, we’ve thought of and built Educate as a whole new product, not simply a new feature. We're confident that if you take the time to try it, you will find that it adds a lot of additional value to Intercom that you're not getting today. A lot of alternatives in the market also charge you for this value–it's simply baked into their pricing plans. Our approach is different. We want to give businesses the flexibility to choose what they want to pay for and what they don't. While most companies will want to use both Educate and Resolve alongside one another (what we recommend), the reality is that there are some businesses only need one and not the other. The choice is yours. Charging for our products ensures we can continue to invest in them, improve them, and make them even more valuable to you. That said, our pricing is not without its problems–something we are actively working on addressing in the near future. It's worth noting that we have a history of shipping new features, improvements, and enhancements to our existing set of products, at no additional charge. Earlier this year we released Smart Campaigns for our Engage product ( and our all-new Messenger (, for all of Intercom's products. These are examples of major updates, but we've also shipped smaller new features and improvements more recently, like SMS notifications for our Acquire product ( and a new Shopify integration ( You can always check out our product changes page to see exactly what we've shipped and when: I'll finish by saying that this is just a v1 of Educate. We've got a bunch of improvements on the way, in addition to enhancements to our other products.
This feels like the first step to an Intercom-based chatbot. As 50% of our customer requests usually can be answered by linking to a FAQs article, I can't wait for this happen.
Is the knowledge base integrated with the messenger in any way for users to actually find articles or is the only way to search for articles by going to the knowledgebase "home" page?
@topilarity great minds 😁 It's something we definitely want to do now that we have the core product out to build on. Stay tuned!
@eoghanmccabe as soon as the help desk can mitigate the customer actually having to contact us I'm 100% in. Congrats on the launch!
Congrats team! We, at have been using the beta for a while and I must say, it's sooo good!! <3