Control: A Strategic Card Game

Timer travelers fight to escape a rupture in spacetime.

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Thanks for sharing Matt! Also for you designers out there, a custom typeface created for the game is included in some rewards on the Kickstarter.
This is the kind of game I love- it's such a cool intersection of creative game play, art, and awesome alternate universe kind of stuff.
@katesegrin Thanks Kate. We're really excited about getting it out there.
This is awesome. I backed it.
Backed. Awesome job on this, fellas. Beautiful work and it looks truly entertaining.
The premise is creative, it's sharp looking, and it looks easy to teach! Can't wait to play! *Backed* Could you guys do a visual revamp of Set?
@warpling Thanks for backing, Ryan. Set looks like it would be a whole lot of fun to revamp with the different iconography involved.