Cards Against Humanity for tech people

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Hi Product Hunt! I’d like thank Chris Messina for hunting us on behalf of Jordan, Jeremy, and I. We’re really excited to welcome Disrupt Cards into the world. What started as a joke a few weeks ago about what a card game parody would look like for silicon valley has now been rapidly transformed into a hilarious, fully fledged, card game. You can read the story behind disrupt cards here. Feel free to ask us any questions and we’ll be glad to answer them.
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@danielsing3r this is hilarious. I'll be surprised if I don't see these at some of the coffee shops here in SF. Great work on these.
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@_shahedk Thanks Shahed! We need to sell these at Philz & Blue Bottle.
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@danielsing3r I love everything about this. Really well done! Looking forward to ordering the expansion pack once you scale. 😜
@jackdweck Thanks Jack! I'm sure you'll love the first deck. We have something very cool planned with expansions that we'll be announcing for the holidays.
@danielsing3r This is exciting, Daniel. I discovered this last night and I keep thinking about it. Any plans to make the 600 cards deck available online? I am from India and would like to print it here.
Your copywriting is pure gold 🔥 Enjoyed every word on the site 😂 Great job guys!
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@benln Thanks man!
@benln Thanks Ben!
@benln What Ben said. Really digging the angle you took for the product, @jrdngonen!
YAY! It's live! This is honestly perfect. I'm so excited to play... ps: I see a perfect christmas present @jrdngonen!
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@as_austin @jrdngonen I love this GIF. Perfect!
omg this is hilarious. how did you not tell me about this Daniel
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Great team behind this game. Website is well done too, cracked up at the FAQ. Open up shipping to Canada and I'll grab one. Good luck with the launch :)
@rghanem1 Thanks so much Rami! Really appreciate the support :)
@rghanem1 Turns out, it's available for shipping throughout the world.